Trying to unify CMS of my site to WordPress.

   These days, I try to unify CMS of my sites to WordPress. My English blog uses Movable Type 5.12. My Japanese blog does WordPress 3.2.1. The rest parts of my site are made by my hand coding. So, their management is complicate.

   I created my test site by WordPress and made it to network. Two blogs were easily able to change to Word Press ones. But I have trouble with parts of my hand coding. I try to make an original theme for them by HTML5 and css3. It’s difficult for me. Would I succeed in my mission?

   One thing I feel confused about is I can’t use /BLOG/ because ‘blog’ is one of WordPress reserved words. When success is achieved, I have no choice but to change from /BLOG/ to /blog-e/.

   My theme mission by HTML5 and css3 failed. I found most browsers hadn’t supported HTML5 completely yet. This makes codes of my theme so complicated. Then, I’ve changed my mind, for which I use XHTML and CSS.

Rakushō no Goku #24

   On 2012.Jul.31, I at last reaches the ending point.

   AS 落照の獄 was originally divided into eight chapters and had 80 pages volume on the magazine, I tried to translate each two pages at a time. And now, I reconstruct its format.

   If you want to read 落照の獄 by my translation, please go here. 落照の獄(Rakushō no Goku)

Update #18.

      1. Unzip
      2. Copy “curl.exe” and “php.ini” to the unzipped directory.
      3. Delete “php.ini-development” and “php.ini-production” from the unzipped directory.
      4. Replaced all files in the directory “PHP” with the unzipped directory ones.
      5. Run phpinfo().

Note) doesn’t include “PEAR” anymore. It still include “extras” but it is empty.

         ————> ActivePerl-

      1. Uninstall ActivePerl 5 12 3 Build 1204.
      2. Install ActivePerl-
      3. Run

         ————> ImageMagick-6.7.1-9-Q16-windows-dll.exe

      1. Uninstall ImageMagick-6.7.0-7-Q16-windows-dll.exe.
      2. Install ImageMagick-6.7.1-9-Q16-windows-dll.exe.
      3. Reboot Windows.

Edit) Oops!! I have a “5.3.7 upgrade warning” from
        So, I make a rollback about PHP.

Update #17.
         ————> mysql-5.5.15-win32.msi