Rakushō no Goku #33

   On 2012.Jul.31, I at last reaches the ending point.

   AS 落照の獄 was originally divided into eight chapters and had 80 pages volume on the magazine, I tried to translate each two pages at a time. And now, I reconstruct its format.

   If you want to read 落照の獄 by my translation, please go here. 落照の獄(Rakushō no Goku)

The heating of my house.

   Last week, it was very cold in Japan. My town, which is on the Kyūshū(九州) island, was no exception. On Thursday temperatures were 2 ℃(36℉), and On Friday 0 ℃(32℉). What time? Around 8a.m. Where? My living room(茶の間). (^^)

   I rebuilt my house about 20 years ago. It is, if anything, a traditional Japanese-style. My old house was built in the early 1880’s. It was a traditional Japanese-style house for me. But for people in the early 1880’s it might be a modern house because it was a two-story one. When it was built, the first two-story house in my town, I hear.

   When I decided to build a new house, the old one was almost 100 years old. Actually, the decent traditional Japanese-style house stands more longer time. But my town was old coal mine lands. It has a lot of tunnels under the ground. So the ground isn’t firm, which makes a house lean. Rain has harmful effects for the house because a traditional one is made of wood, paper, and soil. Result of that, its life goes shorter.

   Until an air-conditioner invented, how to build a house in Japan makes it a principle to how to live out Japanese summer. (^^;) About it, Yoshida Kenkō(吉田兼好) wrote in Tsurezuregusa(徒然草), section 55(第55段).
   Even now, almost everywhere in Japan except for Hokkaidō(北海道), a house is not sealed in a high level. Most of them don’t have a central heating system. So does mine.

   The heating system of my living room(茶の間) is an oil heater and a electric kotatsu(電気ごたつ). Main is kotatsu and sub is oil heater. When I relax in the living room, I use these devices and wear a wataire(綿入れ). In many cases 綿入れ might be called as 綿入れはんてん.

   Now i.e. 10p.m., temperatures are 18 ℃(64℉) in my 茶の間. I feel a little bit too warm. So, I turned off the oil heater. (^^)

How to use Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0

Update  Edit(Feb.7)  Edit2(2013.Jan.12)

   Today, I made it. Thanks juneさん.

   Now I’m going to talk about ‘How to use Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0’. :-)

  1. Install Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0. But, when you finish installing it, you never activate it immediately.
  2. Access your server by FTP client software.
  3. Make directory ‘aec’ under /wp-content/uploads and change its permission to ‘707’ or ‘777’.
  4. Activate the plugin from your Dashboard.
    You need 7 files in your ‘aec’ directory, admin.js, edit-comments.css, ajax-edit-comments.js, comment-editor.css, frontend.js, popups.js and index.php. At this point, only two files exist there, admin.js and edit-comments.css.
    When you click ‘Update Settigs’ bottun on the AEC setting page, other 4 files are created.
    About index.php you have to make it manually, and write in it   ‘<?php // Silence is golden.’.
  5. About 6 files are created automatically, their owner is server and they are unwritable. If you use shell or something, change owner and permission by it.
  6. If you can’t use such tools, follow the next steps.
  7. Access your server by FTP client software.
  8. Download directory ‘aec’ and remove it.
  9. Remake directory ‘aec’ under /wp-content/uploads and change its permission to ‘707’ or ‘777’.
  10. Reupload 6 files, admin.js, edit-comments.css, ajax-edit-comments.js, comment-editor.css, frontend.js, popups.js and change their permission to ‘606’ or ‘666’.
    Upload index.php to directory ‘aec’.

   That’s it. Good luck. ;-P

   We still have two errors, ‘Stack overflow at line: 2’ from IE8 and ‘too much recursion’ from FireFox 9.0.1. But the plugin works in a sort.

   I almost forgot to write. When you try other versions, you’d better clear your browser cache. Or, you don’t get new effects well.

   NOTE) When you change the permission of directory/file, you may need some minutes to take effect.

   I think v5.0.7.0.’s trouble has roots in owner and permission of the directory ‘aec’. Why do I think so? Because, on my own server, whose OS is WindowsXp Professional Sp3, the plugin works. As we know, WindowsXp server has poor owner and permission managements. And most people say the older version works and it does not have the directory ‘aec’.

   At any rate, v5.0.7.0. is not a WordPress plugin, I think. A WordPress plugin is easy to install and easy to activate. Soon you can use it. That’s a WordPress plugin.

   I sent an email about this to the support team the day before yesterday. I’ve not had a reply yet. I wonder I’ll have a good news. I hope so. I love this plugin. If I give up it, it’s a shame for it.

   Also, both older and new version have an error, ‘Stack overflow at line: 2’ from IE and ‘too much recursion’ from FireFox. Most of people are unaware of it in normal use. But it’s for real. It is probably from some JavaScript codes, I want to fix it if they can.

   Ver. has been released today. I think you can install and use it easily.