Tonight is “Otsukimi”, but, again……

台風17号   Today, it’s 15th of August by our old calendar(旧暦). It’s time for “Otsukimi(お月見)”. But, I cannot see the full moon from my house because of thick clouds.

   Japan has the typhoon season now. Actually, we still have the aftereffect of Tropical Storm Jelawat(台風17号) in Kyūshū area today. See the right image.

izayoi2012   “お月見” and “台風”, both of them are features of autumn in Japan. One is good, the other is bad. The night happens to coincide with a typhoon might be natural.

   Look!! I saw a clear moon on Oct. 1st and took the picture. When we take a good hard look at the image, we can get the upper right-hand of the moon wanes a little. But, it’s O.K. because it’s beautiful. Don’t you think so? (^o^)

A phpMyAdmin kit containing a backdoor??

   I added my new translation to the page “Kirin tidings“.

   By the way, have you read PMASA-2012-5, yet? They say that one server from the mirror system, namely cdnetworks-kr-1, was distributing a phpMyAdmin kit containing a backdoor. They currently know only about being affected. If you use “phpMyAdmin”, please check its files out. If they include the file server_sync.php, you have a problem. See more information about it, here and here.

Tenchi meisatsu(天地明察).

   On Sep. 19, I went and saw my doctor for my longstanding condition. Recently, I always do this every two month.

   A movie theater exists nearby the hospital and I sometimes see a movie at the same time. This time, I saw the Japanese new movie “Tenchi meisatsu(天地明察)” at the theater as I had wanted to see it because of being interested in its theme. Though I haven’t read the original novel, it is based on “Tenchi meisatsu(天地明察)” written by Ubukata Tō(冲方丁). [See the right image]

   This is the story of Shibukawa Harumi(渋川春海), in the movie one of his young names Yasui Santetsu(安井算哲) is used, though. Shibukawa Harumi(1639-1715) is an astronomer, a Go player, and so on. One of his great achievements is Jōkyōreki(貞享暦). This is the first calender which was made by Japanese themselves. Japanese had used calenders made by Chinese for hundreds years until then. Besides, even if in China they changed their calender, in Japan we did not accept their new calender, so the differences between reality and calender were getting bigger and bigger.

   In the time Shibukawa Harumi lived, Japan went into the stabilized period of Pax Tokugawa Shogunate. My guess, peace brought composure to people to think about such academic things. The movie has good mixture of fiction and non-fiction. In addition, astronomical tools restored by old literature information or the others are wonderful, for example a big Quadrant, etc. I would have wanted to know more about Hokkyoku Shucchi(北極出地).

   The movie is not a masterpiece but good one for me. Then I like it.

Golf stroke counter.

   I added my new translation to the page “Kirin tidings“.

   By the way, I bought a golf stroke counter for my swimming. Why? I can’t remember how many meters I swim. I think it was O.K. about it when I was young. Sigh.

   So I need a counter or something. The counter I bought is very cheap. I was ready for that before having it, but the real one is beyond my expectation. I am very downcast. I live with it for my swimming though.

   It has simple mechanism. It has only button, no reset button, and no battery. I need to change its count manually. It’s not waterproof but it has no battery, so it’s O.K. even if it gets wet. This is the reason I chose it.

   The image looks too good than the real one. (´ω`)・・

Kumagai Jin’ya(熊谷陣屋)

soleil1soleil2   Yesterday, I saw the play “Kumagai Jin’ya(熊谷陣屋)” at Kitakyūshū Soleil Hall. At the same time, they staged the Dance “Onna date(女伊達)”. I think this is first time for the hall having a kabuki play. I am not a kabuki crazy, but like to watch it. This program I have not seen before.

   When the show began, I confused this with “Terakoya(寺子屋)”. They have the same theme, I think. These stories I don’t like very much. I feel they are very tragic and cruel. The show was held as a weekday matinee performance, perhaps for that reason, the hall had plenty of room. The audience was a quarter of full house.

   The performance was acceptable for me. But the dance was not good. The main dancer, actually he is one of my favorite kabuki actors, danced without feeling. Was I the only person there who had such feeling? SIGH!!

   I mistook Terakoya(寺子屋) for Kurumabiki(車引). Today, I’ve fixed it. Sorry!

The pool nearby.

   Last night, I added my new translation to the page “Kirin tidings“.

   By the way, it’s been a long while since I’ve swam in the pool nearby. It’s not been crowded because probably the summer vacation ended. I like swimming, but I’m very tired today as I have not swam for a long time.

   From now, I decided to go swimming. Why? Today’s swim was very comfortable for me.