The Web Server Nightmare Before H2PushPriority.

Update information      Edit(Jun.18)

   Actually, Cygwin has libev and nghttp2 packages now. So, you can use h2load and nghttp features even if you don’t build nghttp2 by yourself. Nevertheless, if youl build nghttp2 on Cygwin, you need to build the Jansson and the spdylay before building it because Cygwin doesn’t have their packages. But, according to the current trend, I think you don’t need the spdylay package. (2016.6.18)
   Yes, the title is just a word play from one of Tim Burton works (´ϖ`).

   On February 29, my server was down from about 0:00 to about 20:30 because of hardware malfunction. Last Sunday, February 28, I was trying hard for H2PushPriority which is one of new directives of Module mod_http2. To enable this feature is very easy, but to tune it up is difficult for me. Continue reading “The Web Server Nightmare Before H2PushPriority.”