a trip to australia.#5

last night, i felt hotter and thirstier than usual, probably because of the upper sleeping berth.

our breakfast started at 8:30a.m.. today’s couple looked older than yesterday’s. i guess 80% of the passengers were elderly couples.
as the married couple at yesterday’s dinner said to show us pictures which they had taken in japan, i was looking for them around the dining car and just said hello.

before we came to our cabin, we promised them to see at the lounge room around 10:00a.m..

at the lounge, we met. but there’s no electric outlet, so we went to their cabin to see pictures. we had a nice time until about 11a.m.. wife’s name is sylvia, hasband’s bill. and their companions are una rauens croft (sylvia’s mother, 85years old), hellen (sylvia’s elder sister).

una, sylvia’s mother, was a very energetic person. she showed us pictures which she had took by herself in japan where she had visited with sylvia and bill. at that time she was 83 years old.

btw, train delayed. it would arrive at cook at 2:00p.m. so, we had lunch before we reached cook.

arriving at Cook. stopover of 20 minutes. i bought three picture postcards.(3A$) and we got on the train again.

after that, i was sleeping until dinner because of being very tired. when i slept, cabin attendant woke me and told me about carry-on luggages during stopping in adelaide.

dinner started at 7:30a.m.. we took about one hour for it. when we finished, i adjusted my watch to cst. so it’s already 10:00p.m.. bill and sylvia said to leave early and go to bed.

before we came to our cabin, we took a picture with carly who was one of dining car staffs. she would change off at adelaide.

for off-train in adelaide, we packed our stuffs to two luggages and fastened a blue tag to each.

cook_1.jpg cook_2.jpg

a trip to australia.#4

first thing in the morning, i called 08-8213-4592 by my cellular phone.
the person in charge told me the starting time of the train not to change, to come the east perth station by one hour before, and the carry-on luggage is 20 kg to each.

as i looked for something to need, i went to the nearest convenience store. but they didn’t have. they told that i would find out it at downtown, so i checked out around 9 o’clock and headed to downtown.

i found the information center, and i had an information for that. i went around the city central while my companion waiting at the information center. at last i could buy it. but it took for a long time.

though companion and i went to the perth central station and wanted to head to the east perth station by train, we found the next leaving from here at 11:00 a.m. so, we changed our mind and took a taxi.

at the east perth station, we made to board on the indian pacific. while we waited to the departure time, we took some pictures: the old train, the wall relief that is a model of steam locomotive, the train we were bording on, and so on.

the train was leaving the east perth just on time. after we got on, we were served lunch at once. the married couple we shared a table with were 77 year-old husband and 73 year-old wife. i heard they were returning to sydney.

i was not able to understand the announcement on the train as ever. i got in a bind about this.

at 8:00 p.m., we had dinner. at this time the married couple we shared a table with were around 50’s. they had been to japan by yacht, and stayed there for a few years in around 2003. they asked us to join or not the night tour at kalgoorlie. i said we were not going to this because of being very tired but we were going to attend the other whistle stop tours.

we went to bed around 10:00 p.m. early. upper sleeping berth for me, lower for companion.

a trip to australia.#3

in the morning on the other side of the road of our hotel’s entrance, we were waiting the tour bus for the day-tour i had booked yesterday. let’s go the trip, pinnacles desert 4wd adventure. look at the pictures.

2pin.jpg 3koala.jpg 4wonbat.jpg

we returned to the hotel around 7:40p.m. the day-tour takes about 12 hours. we were very tired but had a nice time.

before coming up our room, we went to have dinner at the chinese restaurant near the hotel.

when we came to our room, i fussed over because i thought i lost some important papers.
thinking after it settles down, i am mortal shame and i could sink into the floor. i’m sorry for the hotel employees.

a trip to australia.#2

we arrived at the sydney international airport at shortly after 7:00a.m. we passed through the customs clearance and went to the domestic for the connection to perth.

our plane to perth was delayed about 45 minutes. but it recovered the delay for its travel. we got at perth, just after 3p.m.
the time difference between sydney and perth is two hours.

btw, i quit a plan to rent a car and to go sightseeing by it. because there is no car return place near the east perth station. i booked a day-tour of the next day.

we made for the hotel using the shuttle bus.

a trip to australia.

we left home for australia at 8:00a.m.
at 9:30a.m., we arrived at the t-parking and went to the mall for arrangements of things left behind : cellular phone’s setting, combination lock. parking staff drove us to the airport around 10:30a.m.
our plane flew to narita on time. waiting time in the narita airport is too long for me, indeed.

we took off the narita for the sydney at 8:20p.m.

my thought of gods.#3

in japan, even today, most people think many non-living-things have lives, though they cannot take to say clearly. so, japanese horror movies have nonsence creatures from point of western modern viewing. but we’ve thrown out our traditional thinking. therfore, for young people in japan today such creatures might be thought nonsence.

town and countryside overflow with garbage. we are wasting a lot of things. it’s not our traditional style.

do you know the word ‘mottainai’? we use this even for gods. gods are ‘mottainai’ and ‘arigatai’ beings.

about obon.

obon ended. accordingly, i’ll return to my usual work tomorrow. i had 4 days off for obon.

nowadays we have obon from aug.13 to aug.15. it was originally held from jul.13 to jul.15. when a new calendar was adopted at jan.01.1873, people found gaps in the old and the new for about one month. so, they made to delay the time of obon one month. now, we called it ‘tsuki okure no obon’.

on my mother’s side of the family, we hold a big party every two years, which is sponsored by cousins. we also have one or two-day trip at the same time. in present japan, cousins associate like our family is very rare.

this year , aug.12, we, the group of 30 people, went to akiyoshidai in yamaguchi prefecture. akiyoshidai is very famous for the limestone cave named shuhodo. we returned from the trip and hold the party. we had a very nice time.

btw, obon is time when we worship our ancestors. we come to the grave and back the house with our ancestors’ spirits on aug.13. and we bring back spirits to the grave on aug.15.

obon is said a festivity originates from buddhism. but all buddhists in various countries don’t do the same style obon.

my thought of gods.#2

long time! too long. so, i can’t remenber what i was going to write.

but, of course, about gods.

in old days, all over the world, all human races had a lot of gods in their myth. their gods were not far from themselves. originally, gods were familiar people and things, like ancestors, heros, heroines, rivers, mountains, forests and so on.

in countries the christianity and islam had spread to, their old gods fell.

in modern times, most of advanced countries are the christianity nations in western europe. so, even today, christianity ideas of western europe are predominant in the world.

other countries, however, have a different way of thoughts of gods.

in japan, we have a lot of gods still now. some japanese people think an excellent old artificial thing makes itself a god someday. all living and nonliving matter have the ability to be a god.

this is maybe a blasphemous idea for a monotheist. the japanese accepted the buddhism in the former part of the 6th century. we also did the christianity in the middle of the 16th. but nature of japanese is an animist, i think.

japanese say “i’m an atheist.”. and i think the word atheist probably surprises monotheists, like christians and muslims. but it does not have the original meaning of the word. it perhaps means “i’m not one of believers of monotheistic religion.”

still now, most of japanese believe their old gods in somewhere of their mind. if we don’t, why do we go the beach or the mountain and worship the sunrise on new year’s day?

off-talk voice : i’m not young anymore. so, the younger generation’s opinion might be different.

to resume the thread of my talk :
have you read kojiki? this is one of the oldest books in japan and a mixture of the history and the myth. originally, kojiki is all written by chinese character. not chinese language, but chinese character. our ancestors made up a phonographic writing system by using chinese character. the system is called a manyogana.

when i read kojiki for the first time, i was a junior high school student. of course, i couldn’t read senteces written by manyoganas. so i read kojiki was written by old writing of chinese character Japanese syllabary mixing.
still it was very difficult for me. but stories in it were very intresting.

the first part of kojiki tells us how the japanese islands were born. a god and a goddess looked down expanse of water. sea? this is biginning. kojiki tells nothing about before the biginning time.

but water as far as they can reach!! it probably means they had a big flood, like the deluge. don’t you think?

two gods, izanagi and izanami, stirred it by a pike slowly and drops dripped from it when they pulled the pike up. the drops hardend and became an island.

this is a myth. izanagi and izanami were parents of the japanese islands and some gods. but when did they make or bear ordinary people? ordinary people in kojiki appeared unnoticed. gods izanagi and izanami didn’t bear existed. where did they come from?

we have no history book is older than kojiki in japan. besides, kojiki is not a pure history book.

in its long history, japanese have accepted various religions and thoughts, such as the buddhism, the confucianism, and the christianity, etc. but we still have our original religion, the faith of mother nature.

all living and non-living things have own spirit.