My old books.

I sold my old books to a used bookstore yesterday.
21 books were only 740 yen. But, it’s no problem.
The problem is I still have a respect for books. You might say I am very old-fashioned.
But, in my childhood, books was still precious and my parents told me to cherish my books. So, even now, I am consumed with guilt to throw books out as trash.
This is my honest feelings that I am happy to give him/her my used books if a person who reads them exists.


Do you know the sweets, Akafuku?
It is the famous sweets of Ise. It is the decent Japanese-style confection of simple structure which covered rice cake with red bean paste.

Although there were various food camouflage scandals last year, Akafuku is one of them.
But is it only me who consider the some difference between Akafuku problem and others?

Though it is bad that they were telling the lie, I think it wrong to measure problem solving towards stopping frozen storage.
If they will not carry out neither market expansion nor technical innovation, I can understand this solving. Are they going to back for 100 years?

Do you know the free software, function view?

Function view is a free software distributed by Mr. Wada who is a high school math teacher.

you can download here. function view ‘ site

This is very convinient when we draw a math graph on PC.

I made some graphs of the national examination this year. It’s very simple ones. But even if simplified graphs like this become the key which catches the image in question.

If you are intersted in them, please see them.

IINo1[2].jpg IINo2.jpg

IINo1[2].fvw                                   IINo2.fvw

IINo2[3].jpg IINo3.jpg

IINo2[3].fvw                                  IINo3.fvw

The letter.

I got the letter from my ex spouse yesterday.
It was a too much unexpected letter.
After we were divorced, about 20 year passes. I have never a chance to meet him, and think never wanting to meet him. But the letter tells me that I still hate him and I never forgive him. Until I get this letter, I don’t know about my subconscious hostility.

A human creature is a living thing which cannot be understood.