At Third edition, Delonix helped me so much again. My translation had more reader-friendly English by him.
This story is very short but contains a lot of humor and irony, so we had more arguments for the translation. Rokuta’s bad language was always big headaches and a big challenge for me. A few characters in the story sometimes use bad language. They were also my headache.
We’ve worked together for this edition from December 1 to January 27. After that, I removed all kanji characters in the translation and added a lot of links to the notes. I am very glad if the notes will help you. Now, we completed our mission. I can release it now. I really appreciate his help, again.

By o6asan (2014.Feb.2)

Translated by o6asan
First edition released on 2010.Jan.23
Second edition released on 2013.May.29
Third edition released on 2014.Feb.2 : Current