Hello and welcome here.

    I’m o6asan(<—– It’s not my real name but my handle, of course. (・・。)ゞ).
    I live in Fukuoka(福岡), Japan(日本). Fukuoka(福岡) is in Kyūshū(九州) which is the southern part of Japan(日本). Where? Please look at the map below.
    I am running a web server at home, and uploading an English blog and a Japanese one.
    Main contents of my English blog are translations of the twelve kingdoms(十二国記). And my Japanese blog in which I talk about everything under the sun.
    So, please click links of my menu and read my posts. (^_^)

Edit:    Today, 2011.Sep.8, I completed my site renewal. Finally, I unified all of my pages into WordPress. d(-_^)

Edit2:    Today, 2014.Feb.12, I’ve renewed my main site and reactivated the Board for 十二国記. If you have something to write about 12k, go and write there. It’s my pleasure.

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