Rakushō no Goku #4

Juuni Kokuki — 十二国記
(The Twelve Kingdoms)

Rakushō no Goku — 落照の獄
(A jail of the declining Light)

By Ono Fuyumi — 小野不由美

Translated by o6asan

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   The next day, when Eiko(瑛庚) attended Shiho-fu(司法府), the room for sub judge already had Jokyu(如翕) who is Tenkei(典刑) and Sotsuyu(率由) who is Shishi(司刺). Two of them had anguish and sick atmosphere.
   After three of them were together, their lower officers left and went to another room. Shiho(司法) who is the organizer of the trial was not here either. Only Shikei(司刑), who takes the prosecution, Tenkei(典刑) and Shishi(司刺) managed the trial. All might have an influence on their judgment is got rid of.
   Nobody spoke for a while, after the last officer coming out of the room closed the door. Without hearing from them, Eiko read their minds. Jokyu(如翕) and Sotsuyu(率由) were at a complete loss.
   ” …… We’re hopeless if we fall silent.”
   Eiko(瑛庚) was constrained to break the ice.
   “Let’s hear your talk, Tenkei(典刑).”
   Jokyu(如翕) lightly sighed. He looked in his middle 30s, the youngest of the three by appearances. Jokyu(如翕) who is Tenkei(典刑) investigates a criminal and decides his/her penalty by law.
   “I have nothing to speak of. That’s all that the records of interrogation are from District Court(郡司法) and High Court(州司法). At least, Tenkei of state(州典刑) did his homework very well. So, I have nothing to add.”
   Eiko(瑛庚) asked him.
   “Tenkei(典刑), you met Shudatsu(狩獺), didn’t you? What kind of human do you think Shudatsu(狩獺) is?
   “He is a monster.”
   Jokyu(如翕)’s reply was short and said in disgust. Without touching his tone, Eiko(瑛庚) asked more because of understanding he must have developed a feeling of hatred.
   “Some parts are not clear in the record from Tenkei of State(州典刑). For example — He murdered the whole family in a neighboring village.”
   When Shudatsu(狩獺) was asked about the motive of this, he replied that he had no other place to go. Just before this, Shudatsu(狩獺)’s murder scene was witnessed by someone. So, he thought of running away from the town where he attracted people’s attention and spending winter in an uninhabited village. But the village where he dug had some people unfortunately. So he murdered the whole family he said, but Eiko(瑛庚) remained suspicious. Basically the coldest period villages have no inhabitants. If residents bothered him, he could look for another uninhabited village. Most of near villages were empty.
   After Eiko(瑛庚)’s words, Jokyu(如翕) said.
   “No residents, no food. Maybe no firewood. He told us it was more convenient for him when he find out the house which had residents, his original thought is hiding himself in an uninhabited village though.”
   “– more convenient…”
   Eiko(瑛庚) murmured,
   “Now, I see. But Shudatsu(狩獺) lived with his victim bodies at the same house. Why didn’t he move to another one at least?”
   “He didn’t feel it necessary to do because bodies not smelling at the coldest period.”
   Sotsuyu(率由), who was without saying a word until the time, sighed and shook his head. Eiko(瑛庚) had the same feelings. However, this is the man, Shudatsu(狩獺). He had a very perverted mind but reasonable. This fact made Eiko(瑛庚) more confused.
   “I can’t understand about Shunryo(駿良)’s case. Why did Shudatsu(狩獺) kill Shunryo(駿良) for taking only 12 sen(銭) from him, although Shudatsu(狩獺) had about 10 ryo(両) in his pocket?”
   “He did not tell. Being evasive, he doesn’t expressly say.”
   “He hides something? If so, we have to bring out it.”
   “I don’t know. About murder itself, he said it was troublesome if the boy had cried out for help. But he did not talk clearly about the reason he took money, 12 sen(銭), from the boy. The only he said is somehow he did.”
   Somehow, Eiko(瑛庚) murmured.
   “About Shunryo(駿良)’s case, Tenkei of State(州典刑) ruled this is a First-degree murder(賊殺). How do you examine it?”
   “…… I remained some doubting. He already thought about killing the boy at the beginning point, or, taking money only. If he wanted to kill the boy from the beginning, it is a First-degree murder(賊殺). But if he wanted to take money only from the beginning and killed the boy because of fearing a cry out for help, it would be a Second-degree murder(闘殺).”
   “What did Shudatsu(狩獺) himself say?”
   “He wanted to take money only what he said.”
   “If he had no idea of murder and feared the boy making noise, however, he would have waited until reaching a place where there are no people.”
   “I don’t think so. — Because Shudatsu(狩獺) knew that Shunryo(駿良) went to the small shop near his house to get peaches. He heard the mother and her child talked about it in front of their own shop.”
   Mother called out to her child to wait and asked him about money. To which Shunryo(駿良) opened his palm and showed his money.
   — 4 sen(銭) per peach, so three peaches are 12 sen(銭). Yeah I have.
   “Shunryo(駿良)’s family is not rich. They cannot afford to give allowance to Shunryo(駿良), age 8. So, if Shunryo(駿良) wanted to obtain money, it was the only way to help his parents. He helped his parents everyday and had 1 sen(銭) as a reward. He got 12 sen(銭) for about 10 days. I heard he’d absolutely wanted to eat a peach.”
   Jokyu(如翕) said so regrettably.
   “He wanted two peaches and a peach for his little sister, that was Shunryo(駿良)’s wish. So, he helped his parents and saved money patiently.”
   Eiko(瑛庚) nodded, but he had hurt feelings again. The boy had 12 sen(銭) which he saved at long last, his mother asked him and perhaps he showed them proudly. Eiko(瑛庚) was still able to see his proud and beaming smile, and mother’s smile which was faced her child protectively. It was a heartwarming scene. But it decided his fate.
   “Shudatsu(狩獺) heard what mother and son said. If he didn’t act immediately, Shunryo(駿良) would have arrived at the shop without going through deserted areas. That’s why Shudatsu(狩獺) followed Shunryo(駿良) and he drew the child into the first alley.”
   “But their surrounding circumstances were quite obvious. He must have known someone saw them. If he feared the boy making noise, he had to kill the boy. He knew about that at the beginning, didn’t he?”
   Jokyu(如翕) nodded.
   “I agree with you. That’s why Tenkei of State(州典刑) concluded the murder as a First-degree(賊殺). But I remained suspicious. I really doubt that Shudatsu(狩獺) followed Shunryo(駿良) because he had clear murderous intent from the very beginning. I consider Shudatsu(狩獺) is almost psychopath. Want, think to take, and act. As a result, he finds himself killing someone for taking what he wants. — It’s something I felt.”
   Um, Eiko(瑛庚) moaned. What Jokyu(如翕) said was too delicate. But his feelings, which hesitated to judge the murder as a First-degree, were understandable. They finally had to conclude it’s a First-degree murder(賊殺) or not, and they could not base themselves on their impressions when they make a sentence, but it made no sense to bother at the first day of the trial. — Eiko(瑛庚) thought so and saw Sotsuyu(率由). Sotsuyu(率由) looked about 60 years old, an experienced old man, but actually he was the youngest of the three.
   “What do you think, Shishi(司刺)?”
   Shishi(司刺)’s work is to find grounds for clemency and to declare it for the commutation, according to the three law : Sansha(三赦), San’yu(三宥), Sanshi(三刺). Sansha(三赦) means three kinds of persons who should be absolved: They are these three, under 7 years old, over 80 years old, and imbecility.
   “Well — he is not Sansha(三赦). There is no question about it, isn’t it?”
   Sotsuyu(率由) said and both Eiko(瑛庚) and Jokyu(如翕) nodded.
   “In the same way, I have no choice but to judge his not being San’yu(三宥) in all cases of his.”
   San’yu(三宥) means Fushiki(不識), Kashitsu(過失), and Ibo(遺忘). Fushiki(不識) who doesn’t know to be a crime or who doesn’t understand to become a crime as a result. For example, this is Fushiki(不識) who killed someone because he/she dropped a luggage on someone from above, but if he/she didn’t have known someone being there. Kashitsu(過失) is a fault. For example, this is Kashitsu(過失) who accidentally dropped a luggage or had poor control over it though he/she tried throwing it avoiding someone. Ibo(遺忘) is forgetting. This is Ibo(遺忘) who forgot someone was there though he/she knew a luggage hit someone if dropped. –But, it is clear these are not to go for Shudatsu(狩獺).
   Eiko(瑛庚) sighed.
   “Our point is Sanshi(三刺)?”
   Sotsuyu(率由) nodded.
   Sanshi(三刺) is to consult vassals, to hear officials’ opinion, and to ask people’s voice. If some of them clame giving absolution, to commute the penalty is sometimes appealed because of it. Sotsuyu(率由), according to his own duty, sought advice to Rikkan(六官) widely, heard officials’ opinion, and listened to people’s voice.
   “There is no voice that to commute the penalty is necessary. Nothing at all. Almost all the people claim his execution. Most of officials have the same opinion, but a few of them show doubt for a capital punishment. Rikkan(六官) say keeping to be careful. Most Rikkan(六官) quote Shujo(主上)’s intention and rest of them are deeply concerned about abuse of capital punishment that would happen in the future if they flightily execute him at this point.”
   “I knew. …… I appreciate Rikkan(六官) have the cautious opinion, but,”
   “I cannot say Sanshi(三刺) is not to go for him because some have the cautious opinion. But people’s rage is huge. Most of them accept nothing except the capital punishment. If Shikei(司刑) spares Shudatsu(狩獺)’s life, they demand to hand him to themselves.”
   I see, Eiko(瑛庚) murmured. If he avoids the capital punishment, a fear of riots might be necessary. Riots themselves can be repressed. But people’s rage for judiciary or people’s rage for their country cannot be broken down. If they do it by force, people’s trust in judiciary collapses, and their trust in the country collapses, too.
   “How about demands of victims’ family?”
   Eiko(瑛庚) asked. Sometimes, victims and concerned people set up to commute the penalty. This had a full effect on Sanshi(三刺) though it happened when they identified the criminal’s penitent by his apologizing to the victim or by his expiating the crime.
   “No offer to commute the penalty. To begin with, Shudatsu(狩獺) seems not to have contacted victims’ family at all. On the other hand, petitions of victims’ relatives say to execute him. Some of them make a daily visit to the national office.”
   I suppose…… Eiko(瑛庚) thought.
   “I can imagine the indignation of victims’ family. They could not be satisfied even if they killed the criminal.”
   “That’s right, sir. Actually, some oppose a mere decapitation and propose a cruel punishment to us like Ho(芳). 16 murders and 23 victims. Therefore, punish him by Slow slicing(凌遅) and cut him 23 times, what they request.”
   Slow slicing(凌遅) is the penalty which kills the criminal by inches. The criminal is killed by inches and he is pilloried after he died and was beheaded. Or his life is taken by cutting body or beheading at the verge of death. Its pattern is various and differs among countries and eras. There is an example decides how many times the criminal is sliced beforehand. Eiko(瑛庚) knew that some proposed to slice him by the number of victims to follow the example. Recently in Shiso(芝草), people made a thorough survey of cruel punishments in other countries and they argued what punishment is to go for Shudatsu(狩獺).
   Jokyu(如翕) grunted indignantly.
   “They claim to execute him by Slow slicing(凌遅), but do they exactly understand it is a very cruel punishment? Cut by a knife, and duration of criminal’s life is deliberately increased. He suffers unnecessarily and his suffering continues long. His vital point is intentionally avoided so that his suffering can continue long. Some rulers of other countries once put a criminal into senseki(仙籍) for making his suffering longer. Now, some of the people claim to do that.”
   “But Slow slicing(凌遅) is what Shudatsu(狩獺) did exactly.”
   Jokyu(如翕) kept quiet by Sotsuyu(率由)’s words. — Yes, Shudatsu(狩獺) killed a couple by inches. He killed the husband by inches in front of his wife’s eyes for the purpose of getting their savings out of her. He chopped the husband’s each finger off, and cut his each ear and his nose off. After the husband died in unbearable pain, with his body sliced, and his stomach cut, his wife was killed by inches, too. From the beginning they insisted that they had no savings. It’s true. They already sold their property because they let their son who wanted to enter Shogaku(少学) move into a dorm of a private cram school. They got some money, but spent all for son’s school expenses. They suffered uselessly, and died uselessly.
   “He murdered innocent people by Slow slicing(凌遅), why can we say Slow slicing(凌遅) is too cruel for him? Shudatsu(狩獺) himself cannot complain that it is cruel, and we also cannot say lightly it’s too cruel for him. Someone must revile at us that it’s cruel to execute Shudatsu(狩獺) by Slow slicing(凌遅), but it’s not cruel to kill an innocent couple by Slow slicing(凌遅).”
   Both Eiko(瑛庚) and Jokyu(如翕) said nothing but to fall silent.
   “I have no words to persuade people.”
   But, Jokyu(如翕) murmured.
   “I guess Shudatsu(狩獺) wants the death penalty……”
   Eiko(瑛庚) looked at Jokyu(如翕) in a suspicious way. Jokyu(如翕)’s sorrowful eyes compared Eiko(瑛庚) with Sotsuyu(率由).
   “He told me he’d be executed at once before he’d do life in prison. If he wants so, the death penalty is not a penalty to him. Life in prison is worse to him, isn’t it?”
   Sotsuyu(率由) was slightly upset and said,
   “He only said so. Why do you trust his words? Even if it’s Shudatsu(狩獺)’s real intention, he might beg his life when he’s sent to a place of execution.
   “Well……You might be right or not.”
   “If Shudatsu(狩獺) doesn’t beg his life at last, I think it must be his bluff. I cannot believe Shudatsu(狩獺) has no fear about executed. There is someone who has no fear about his own pain and death? The radical nature of human still exists inside him even if he becomes desperate very much. That is why he becomes desperate. Isn’t it?”
   Jokyu(如翕) was sunk in thought for a while and shook his head.
   “It might be his bluff or not. But Shudatsu(狩獺) seems not to be desperate. I can’t explain it, but he’d like to look being a winner by executed.”
   Eiko(瑛庚) couldn’t understand him and Sotsuyu(率由) also didn’t. Jokyu(如翕) sought a word, among these three, he’s the only person who met Shudatsu(狩獺). When three held their tongues one another, they heard rushed footsteps and a loud altercation coming towards them.
   “Dai-shiko(大司寇) — Please wait.”
   They heard someone’s voice outside of the door and it probably was Chiin(知音)’s, Shiho(司法).
   “They have the trial, now. Even if Dai-shiko(大司寇)–”
   The door was opened before Chiin(知音) had finished his words. Dai-shiko(大司寇) was standing there having an angry look.
   “You have a decision?”
   Eiko(瑛庚) wondered what happened, knelt down and made a polite bow.
   “The trial is just beginning.”
   Good, Enga(淵雅), Dai-shiko(大司寇), said so and looked at Eiko(瑛庚) and others.
   “I’ll tell you beforehand. The capital punishment is not tolerated. — You all need to understand about it.”
   Eiko(瑛庚) and others exchanged looks. Of course, it’s ordinary that Shiho(司法) and other upper-class officials advise them about a trial. Before beginning a trial, Shishi(司刺) consults Rikkan-cho(六官長) and others as Sanshi(三刺). But, Tenkei(典刑), Shishi(司刺) and Shikei(司刑), only these three perform a trial in their wisdom.
   “Dai-shiko(大司寇), you do overstep your bounds.”
   Chiin(知音) got very angry evidently. It is not admitted that someone gives influence over the conclusion of Court justice. Even Dai-shiko(大司寇) is no exception. When the adjudication is reached, Dai-shiko(大司寇) or Chosai(冢宰) can object to it by their authority and send the case back to them after seeking other officials’ opinions. But, they can do it only once and never instruct them to the type of decision beforehand. — If an exception exists, it would be Shujo(主上)’s instruction.
   Suddenly hitting so, Eiko(瑛庚) stared at Chiin(知音).
   “It might be Shujo(主上)’s instruction?”
   If so, I could understand — He thought so, but Chiin(知音) shock his head.
   “No, Shujo(主上) said that he would leave it to me again. He told I could leave it to the conclusion of you three.”
   “There is something wrong with Shujo(主上).”
   Enga(淵雅) pushed Chiin(知音) back.
   “At this moment, why do you all have such an irresolute attitude? Could it be a reason for destroying the developed roads even if you are possibly nervous about the voice of people?”
   Enga(淵雅) said and looked at Eiko(瑛庚) and others.
   “– The ideal of the punishment is not to give the punishment. The purpose of the punishment is not to give a person a penalty but to make the person not to need it. There is also a saying ‘Keiso(刑措)’. It means not to use the punishment to people, that is we need not use the punishment because the control of the country is taken over very well and the number of people who commit the crimes decreases. There is no doubt this is the ideal of the country. Our country has advanced toward it until now and we have no reason to abandon the ideal.”
   “Are you right? I don’t think so.”
   It was Sotsuyu(率由) to raise his voice.
   “If so, why did A monster like Shudatsu(狩獺) appear? Isn’t it the time that we have to consider about our law system again?”
   “You shouldn’t use the word ‘monster’ because you are one of judiciary.”
   Enga(淵雅) snapped back.
   “Shudatsu(狩獺) is a criminal, but he is one of our people. The word, monster, regards a criminal who cannot be understood easily as inferior to other things as human. If you decide he is not other things than human, you cannot give the criminal an indoctrination.”
   He has a point there, Eiko(瑛庚) felt shame deeply but Sotsuyu(率由) did not give in.
   “This is not human, who murdered a eight-year boy for taking 12 sen(銭).”
   Sotsuyu(率由), Eiko(瑛庚) reproved Sotsuyu(率由) in whispers, but he didn’t turn around at all. On the other hand, Enga(淵雅) directed a harsh look at Sotsuyu(率由).
   “Judicial system definitely states a criminal is other things than human. Is that the reason the criminal like Shudatsu(狩獺) who cannot be understood easily appeared? You declare they are other things than human, and then you order them to repent. Who follows it? Criminals repeat crimes because you treat them in such feelings.”
   “But we –,”
   “To begin with, who does commit a murder for only 12sen(銭)? Of course I know Shudatsu(狩獺) himself deposed it for High Court(州司法)’s investigation, but he dared not account for that because High Court(州司法)’ officials definitely stated he is a monster. Am I wrong? Such an attitude, which looks down on someone like other things than human, will make more criminals.”
   Sotsuyu(率由) made no commentary at this moment.
   “Though it may be too much difficult to understand, Shudatsu(狩獺) must have his reasons that he murdered the boy. If we make it clear, we can know how we save the criminal like Shudatsu(狩獺). That makes us save and indoctrinate them.”
   “I don’t mean to contradict you, but Shudatsu(狩獺) said he had no reason.”
   Jokyu(如翕) talked back, but Enga(淵雅) shook his head.
   “Did he just say so? Shudatsu(狩獺) might not be able to explain himself, or he might not know himself. But, admonishing and explaining, searching a reason with him, and future using it to rule over and indoctrinate people, which is the role of the judiciary.”
   Jokyu(如翕) fell silent.
   “The duties of the judiciary are not to punish criminals. It is to indoctrinate and provoke soul-searching, and recover them. You all never forget it.”
   Enga(淵雅) said and looked at Eiko(瑛庚) and others. Eiko(瑛庚) shut his mouth though he started speaking, because Chiin(知音) gave a significant look to him from behind Enga(淵雅). Chiin(知音) came into Enga(淵雅)’s presence.
   “I received your intention, Dai-shiko(大司寇).”
   Enga(淵雅) nodded.
   “Taiheki(大辟) is not tolerated. — Understand?”
   Enga(淵雅) told strongly and turned back. Chiin(知音) said nothing and hanged his head deeply. Eiko(瑛庚) and others did the same. They heard Enga(淵雅)’s footsteps out without raising their head. Losing footsteps, Chiin(知音) raised his head. He looked pained, indeed.
   “You all heard Dai-shiko(大司寇)’s intention. But perform your duties without being swayed by others and do as usual.”
   “But ……”
   “It is Shujo(主上)’s words that he leaves all to us. We need not to be sensitive to Dai-shiko(大司寇)’s mood.”
   Nervously, Sotsuyu(率由) asked,
   “Shujo(主上) told he left all to us. Does it mean he withdraws his earlier statement ‘we do not use Taiheki(大辟)’?”
   Chiin(知音) made a grimace.
   “…… I don’t know about that.”
   “What do you mean ‘you don’t know’?”
   Sotsuyu(率由) asked again, but Chiin(知音) shook his head. He gestured for Eiko(瑛庚) and others to get seated. He weakly sat on a bench which was prepared for the accused person or for called witnesses at the trial. They wondered whether Chiin(知音) noticed it.
   “I met Shujo(主上) directly and asked for true meanings about the words ‘I leave it to Shiho(司法)’, but I didn’t get clear instructions at all ……”
   To begin with, the ruler(王) brushed off Chiin(知音) who requested to see him, because of having had his say. But it made not only Chiin(知音) but also Eiko(瑛庚) and others run into difficulty. So, Chiin(知音) asked for a meeting again and again, and he finally got it by pleading with Chosai(冢宰) and Saiho(宰輔).
   “But, Shujo(主上) told me ‘I leave it to Shiho(司法)’ again. Though I asked him if it means to withdraw the previous statement ‘We do not use Taiheki(大辟)’, but he said ‘I also leave it to Shiho(司法)’. He told, if Shiho(司法)’s judgment is to withdraw it, he will accept it.”
   “So, can we understand the death penalty is permitted?”
   “I’ve made sure of it. Include the death penalty, your judgment is allowed. Shujo(主上) said he would not impugn you.”
   Eiko(瑛庚) felt troubled inside. Might he be able to think Shujo(主上) trusted and relied on Shiho(司法)’s judgment? No, if anything, this is to leave all the decision-making to others. In fact , since Eiko(瑛庚) was told such words ‘I leave it to Shiho(司法)’, he developed a feeling of suspicion. This is neither words after much hesitation nor expressions of the reliance on Shiho(司法). This is rather a code word for having zero interest in it.
   Eiko(瑛庚) voluntarily gave a sigh. He heard Jokyu(如翕) and Sotsuyu(率由) moan slightly because they probably had the same feeling.
   Though the Ruler(王) of Ryu(柳) was a ruler of virtue who had reigned over the country for about 120 years, people raised an eyebrow in doubt many times these days. The ruler(王) often behaved as if he had no interest in politics. The ruler of virtue like that — Despite making Ryu(柳) become a renowned constitutional state and lifting it to fame, sometimes he acted as if he defied the law. Making ad hoc judgment without consideration. He expected people to obey his new law which destroyed the law. Each time, someone advised but the advice wasn’t always accepted.
   Chiin(知音) sighed very deeply,
   “Somehow, Shujo(主上) told he left it to Shiho(司法). Without worrying noise, proceed to the trial. I support your judgment.”
   “But, Dai-shiko(大司寇) won’t satisfy himself.”
   Eiko(瑛庚) said so,
   “He can impugn our decision because he is Dai-shiko(大司寇), but you all have no obligation to obey. Furthermore, Shujo(主上) left it to us, so, even Dai-shiko(大司寇) cannot refuse to our decision about this case. — After my reporting, however, Dai-shiko(大司寇) might persuade Shujo(主上) by himself.”
   It could be. Dai-shiko(大司寇), Enga(淵雅), is a son of The Ruler of Ryu(劉王). As well as in public, he can directly persuade the ruler(王) in private.
   “Can he do it, sir?”
   Sotsuyu(率由) asked in a low voice. It’s difficult, Chiin(知音) answered shortly.
   Dai-shiko(大司寇), Enga(淵雅), was called the ruler of rulers of Ryu(柳). — Of course, it was just a nickname exchanged quietly among people. It might be his rivalry with his father who has a good name as the wise ruler. He was trying to be the ruler more than the ruler. Saying ‘The death penalty is not tolerated.’ is also the same thing.
   In everything, after the ruler(王) decided, Enga(淵雅) always emphasized ruler(王)’s opinion as if it was his from the beginning. Even if vassals questioned the decision and the ruler(王) withdrew, Enga(淵雅) did not compromise at all. The decision was already his decision, and justuce and reason stood by him. He asserted that both of them, vassals who questioned the decision and the ruler(王) who accepted their suggestion, were wrong. With the prerogative of the prince, Enga(淵雅) broke in ruler’s private room and tried to correct him.
   — But, regrettably Enga(淵雅) wasn’t as great as the ruler(王). He, in the first place, could not decide anything without the ruler(王)’s instructions. In fact, he seemed not to have even his own opinions. Until the ruler(王) making a decision, he did not commit himself and watched out for his father carefully. He scarcely started emphasizing it as if it’s his from the beginning when the ruler(王) decided. Not only chasing the thought of his father and insisting that it’s his own, but also Enga(淵雅) tried to run ahead of it. Though he added more arguments and gathered more points, he reached a fair argument having no reality-based vision and took his unreasonable conclusion which had been decided in his mind from the beginning. He often had the wrong idea of the basical parts. He talked about the ideal of the judiciary, however, he had no doubt that he infringed on the independence of the judiciary being the basis. — like this matter. Besides, Enga(淵雅) had little mind which didn’t accept others suggestions and couldn’t reflect on himself about his past conduct. It might have been natural because it was not his own thought.
   Therefore, no matter how Enga(淵雅) persuaded his father, it never succeeded. The Ruler(王) smiled wryly while reasoning with his son, Enga(淵雅) couldn’t accept it and went wild, or he was uselessly impatient to run ahead of his father.
   Experience had shown that the ruler(王) might not respond to Enga(淵雅)’s persuasion. — So, to make a decision would be for Eiko(瑛庚)’s job.
   Jokyu(如翕) sighed with mixed feelings.
   “…… This is insolence, I know. But why does Shujo(主上) give the prince such an important position?”
   Enga(淵雅) was a stubborn. Once he had come out with something, then he didn’t accept any persuasion at all. Politicians must be flexible. He, the stubborn boss, was often a major obstacle for people who working for him. However, the ruler(王) still gave Enga(淵雅) an important position. Though people talked in low voices it’s O.K. if he was at least Tenkan-cho(天官長) or Shunkan-cho(春官長), the ruler gave him hold prominent positions such as Chikan-cho(地官長) and Shukan-cho(秋官長) of all others, which he wanted to be.
   Well, Chiin(知音) smiled wryly.
   “It might be father’s love. A great man like that cannot overcome parental affection.”
   In many ways, Eiko(瑛庚) was profoundly depressed. At this moment, Enga(淵雅)’s presence was heavy in his heart. Of course, he knew the ideal of the judiciary, he himself agreed to pursue it. But, this point was not the problem about Shudatsu(狩獺)’s case. Therefore, Eiko(瑛庚) and others cudgeled their brains. The person, who didn’t understand it, was in Dai-shiko(大司寇) gave deadweight to them. Besides, the ruler(王) became soured on his administration. The administration creaking, the country ruining –.

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