At last, I reconstructed my blog tonight.

At last, I reconstructed my blog tonight.

Actually, my server’s main hard disk died on the fifth of October.

So, I made my notebook a temporary server. But until tonight, I couldn’t reconstruct my blog database. I googled the net by using my short free time. I finally did it. I am very happy now.

Btw, Ono Sensei has published a new short story on YomYom magazine, named “Rakushō no Goku(落照の獄)”. You guys have already known it, haven’t you?

It’s been 36 days since my last entry.

How have you been? I was extremely busy in September.

Besides, my server’s been acting up for several days. Its main hard drive is almost dying.
So, my site was closed for a few days. Now, it reopens as I regenerated my drive. But I don’t know when it will be happening again.

Set your mind at ease. I still continue my translation slowly.  ;-)