Japanese plum blossoms(梅花).

ume.jpg   The weekend before last, in my garden, Japanese plum blossoms(梅の花) that started opening up at one burst had to stay at a standstill due to the cold at the beginning of last week, but are in bloom today by a few days’ warmth.
   All plants are great. Because they cannot move only a step from the point taken root. This tree is very very old and might have experienced a terrible weather change since it was very young, however, it is still in bloom when spring comes, and also bears a lot of fruits in the rainy season(梅雨).

A tip for “WordPress”
   At very first time, uploading an image file, you have an error.
   Because the server doesn’t have a directory such as “/wp/wp-content/uploads” and cannot create it automatically.
   So, you need to make the directory manually.

The installation of “WordPress”.

As you know, I use MT5 on my server.
I’m almost satisfied with this environment and it’s too boring to change it. But recently, due to a virus fuss about like “Gambler”, I’d like to try “SFTP” or “FTPS”. One of contributors in “TODOS” wrote about “TOYPARK”, so I registered there immediately. I don’t have known about being able to use it there yet though I asked them for it.

As I have nothing to do until having the reply, I installed “WordPress” which I’m also interested in lately. The contributor mentioned this, too.

First, I downloaded a wordpress-2.9.2-ja.zip, and did my work according to http://sample.toypark.in/wp/archives/17.

Second, about the file “wp-config-sample.php” I rewrote and saved, with the characterset UTF8.
putyourdbnamehere —–>Toypark’s MySQL ID
usernamehere         —–>Toypark’s MySQL ID
yourpasswordhere   —–>Toypark’s login passphrase

Third, rename “wp-config-sample.php” to “wp-config.php” and upload all “WordPress” files to http://o6asan.toypark.in/wp/.

Forth, I accessed http://o6asan.toypark.in/wp/.

We can use “phpMyAdmin” on the TOYPARK server.
When we access http://www.toypark.in/phpmyadmin/, we will have a login screen.
User name : MySQL ID (4digits)  Pass phrase : Toypark’s login passphrase