The time of cherry blossoms in this year.

   This year’s cherry blossoms have become in full bloom on this weekend. There is very very small lovely shrine I haven’t noticed on my way home to or from work. Today, the cherry blossoms in full bloom color the small shrine in white-pink light.

   Nowadays, cherry blossoms for us, it is Someiyoshino(染井吉野) obviously. But it’s taken only 150 years since its appearance. We haven’t a lot of old trees of Someiyoshino. It makes all areas white-pink because flowers become full-bloomed before leaves go out. They look like haze by a distant view.

   In general, the smell of cherry blossoms is weak. It is a big difference between them and Japanese plum blossoms that are not distinguished easily from a distance. Personally, I prefer Japanese plum blossoms. That smell is comfortable for me.

   However, the utility pole in this picture is terrible and obstructive. ;-}

Origami animals.

   Since last autumn, I’ve made some kind of paper animals by a little necessity. Several years earlier, if I wanted to do so, I should have learned them from someone, looked for books, or thought how to make them by myself. But these convenient days, I can find a lot of kinds on the net.

   Among them, I used these six. Can you tell me what they are? Great? Actually, the center of them is a cat. But most of my friends said it’s a dog. :-p

   They are wonderful, aren’t they? They are not Japanese traditional origami but new ones which someone invented. We only sighed when looking the highest level origami, but these six are great in another way because even an ordinary elementary school child can make them.

   The size of paper is the same as the rabbit and the elephant. So, the completion became a biiiiiiiiiig rabbit and a smaaaaaaaaaall elephant.

Edit : The reference sites are as follows.

Funny video.

I found this on the net. The arthur is a junior high school student by his own comment.
I think he was very fun while making this.

[turizuki diary]Security is tested with 100 malwares

About MS security essentials, I laughed in spite of myself while watching this. It’s their odd job, right?
And, do you think some of paid software there have no rights that take money? :-}
I want to know about others, but I applaud the fruit of his hard work. clap clap clap.

Rakushō no Goku #7

   On 2012.Jul.31, I at last reaches the ending point.

   AS 落照の獄 was originally divided into eight chapters and had 80 pages volume on the magazine, I tried to translate each two pages at a time. And now, I reconstruct its format.

   If you want to read 落照の獄 by my translation, please go here. 落照の獄(Rakushō no Goku)

Spring snow.

    We had a lot of snow in the afternoon on 10th of March. But it disappeared by next afternoon because it was the spring snow.
   However, Mt.Hiko was still covered with snow at that time. It is very suitable for it because it has been worshiped as a divine mountain since long long ago.
   I’d like to take its picture covered with snow for a long time. Though it’s very difficult for me, I challenged it on 11th of March on my way home.
   I’ll show you it. How do you think? Nice or not?