Is that a bug?

After I updated “Apache, Perl, Mysql, and ImageMagick” last time, I have had errors “defined(%hash) is deprecated at ./lib/./lib/ line xxx” and “(Maybe you should just omit the defined()?)” on the Apache error.log.

Though I thought it depends on the Perl’s version, I felt some strange because I could not find any information on the net. But tonight I found out the below finally.

So, I changed two lines of
Line 684    &init_z2h_euc unless defined %z2h_euc;
                                   —–>>     &init_z2h_euc unless %z2h_euc;
Line 693    &init_z2h_sjis unless defined %z2h_sjis;
                                   —–>>      &init_z2h_sjis unless %z2h_sjis;

I also did and
Line 14     unless (defined %{“${subclass}::”}) {
                                   —–>>      unless (%{“${subclass}::”}) {
Line 404   if defined(%{$module . ‘::Lexicon’}) or defined(@{$module . ‘::ISA’});
                                   —–>>      if (%{$module . ‘::Lexicon’}) or (@{$module . ‘::ISA’});

These had no problems with the old perl, but the new one might become strict about them.

ArgoSoft MailServer(Freeware) —->> XMailServer

   I have always wanted to change my Mail Server because ArgoSoft MailServer(Freeware) which I use became an old-fashioned one. The old-fashioned means unsafe about its security. On 13th Sep, I had a large number of “Requested POP3 connection from” on the log file again. All of them failed to request because of using wrong password, but ArgoSoft MailServer(Freeware) is too undefended for it. I want some weapons. Besides, I’d like to learn about “SSL/TLS” and “port25 blocking” ……

   So, I’ve installed “XMailServer” today. If you need more details, please have a look below.
   ArgoSoft MailServer(Freeware)からXMailServerへ。

Rakushō no Goku #11

   On 2012.Jul.31, I at last reaches the ending point.

   AS 落照の獄 was originally divided into eight chapters and had 80 pages volume on the magazine, I tried to translate each two pages at a time. And now, I reconstruct its format.

   If you want to read 落照の獄 by my translation, please go here. 落照の獄(Rakushō no Goku)