Silent Night.

   I’ve watched “Silent Night“. It’s one of episodes of TV dramas “NCIS (#6.11)”.

   When Gibbs said “If I had one wish for Christmas, it would be to hug my daughter. That can never be… But you have that chance.”, I was so touched that I could almost cry tears.

   If my daughter is still alive, she is a full-grown woman now. But she never gets old anymore.

   Both mother and father, who lost their child, long to see the child grown up forever. Won’t you think so?

Update #13.
    ————> mysql-essential-5.1.53-win32.msi
    ————> ImageMagick-6.6.6-4-Q16-windows-dll.exe

   Why do I update my server applications at short intervals? Because my server’s OS is a Windows that has a lot of opportunities of cyber attacks than Linuxes, I always try to keep my system updated.