Update #18.

         ————> php-5.3.7-Win32-VC9-x86.zip

      1. Unzip php-5.3.7-Win32-VC9-x86.zip.
      2. Copy “curl.exe” and “php.ini” to the unzipped directory.
      3. Delete “php.ini-development” and “php.ini-production” from the unzipped directory.
      4. Replaced all files in the directory “PHP” with the unzipped directory ones.
      5. Run phpinfo().

Note) php-5.3.7-Win32-VC9-x86.zip doesn’t include “PEAR” anymore. It still include “extras” but it is empty.

         ————> ActivePerl-

      1. Uninstall ActivePerl 5 12 3 Build 1204.
      2. Install ActivePerl-
      3. Run printenv.pl.

         ————> ImageMagick-6.7.1-9-Q16-windows-dll.exe

      1. Uninstall ImageMagick-6.7.0-7-Q16-windows-dll.exe.
      2. Install ImageMagick-6.7.1-9-Q16-windows-dll.exe.
      3. Reboot Windows.

Edit) Oops!! I have a “5.3.7 upgrade warning” from www.php.net.
        So, I make a rollback about PHP.

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