Happy New Year!

   Happy New Year! It is the beginning of a new year.

   This is the year of the Tatsu, according to the Oriental Zodiac.

   Though ‘tatsu’ is called ‘dragon’ in English, I think they are more different than might first be surmised. Both of them have their own history, so I’m not surprised it. In the Oriental Zodiac we write it by 辰, and we also use 龍 and 竜 as a mythical animal. In Japanese the year of the dragon is called ‘Tatsu doshi(たつどし)’. You can see ‘Ryu’ on a right-side painting by Hokusai(北斎), ‘ryu’ and ‘tatsu’ mean the same mythical animal.

   Last year, we had a lot of natural and artificial disasters in and out of Japan. I pray this year will be a happier year.

   Gods bless you, guys!