Rakushō no Goku #34

   On 2012.Jul.31, I at last reaches the ending point.

   AS 落照の獄 was originally divided into eight chapters and had 80 pages volume on the magazine, I tried to translate each two pages at a time. And now, I reconstruct its format.

   If you want to read 落照の獄 by my translation, please go here. 落照の獄(Rakushō no Goku)

TV programs that Rebuilding Japan.

   A year has passed since the day. Last week, I watched the TV programs “Rebuilding Japan“.

  • Dreaming of Utopia
  • Photos from the Sea
  • Super Trains
  • Return of the K-Cars
  • Brewing Hope
  • The Seaweed Makers

   They are positive thinking reports by Japanese. I know a lot of miserably situations still in the disaster area. But positive thinking is very useful. It is not to ignore the real disaster. It is not to neglect one’s post traumatic stress. Positive thinking rather makes us face the reality.

   My town had no disasters from the quake. But, I cannot help but concern I will have some disaster from some quakes some day as long as I live in Japan.

   When such a megaquake occurs, which brings some big afterquakes within a few years. The quake is no exception.

   Today, I’ve found the site below. This might help your understanding.
   Japan beyond 3.11 Stories of Recovery