Finally, crashes have gone, wow.

   Recently, I had a hard time with Apache 2.4.2 restarts caused by php5ts.dll crashes. They began to happen when I updated PHP from 5.3.10 to 5.4.0. Not only I but also others have reported this trouble on
   Yesterday I noticed PHP 5.4.1 released, so I updated from 5.4.0 to 5.4.1. PHP 5.4.1 has a lot of bugs fixed. Always, PHP has many bugs. PHP 5.4.0 is also like other PHP, hehe. After PHP 5.4.1 coming to my server, I have no crashes for these 30 hours.

   I’m sooooooo happy. Wow.

Have you heard the new info about Juuni Kokuki?

   The publisher Shinchōsha announced the new release plan of Juuni Kokuki on Apr. 1.
   Apr. 1, it was very bad timing. A lot of people suspected it was one of April Fool’s jokes. m9(^Д^)
   But the official says “it’s not an April Fool’s joke.” on Twitter. m9(^Д^) x m9(^Д^)

   The most important information for me is about a newly written book. I wonder when the real publication is.

   I made a little translation of .

   If you want some new infos about Shinchōsha’s new editions of Juuni Kokuki, please see here.

My server down.

   I upgraded to PHP5.4.0 on Apr. 11. After this, I’ve been troubled by Apache restart caused by php5ts.dll crash. And, yesterday, my server pc power went out though I don’t know why. I restarted the server a few times, but the power went out every time before I knew.

   So, my site was down during most of today. I made a laptop pc a temporary server, and now my site is revived.

   I quit to use php5.4.0 again. It is my headache. I think its trouble may have caused the server PC trouble. Don’t you think so?