About the new edition “Demon’s Child (魔性の子)”.

   Yesterday, the new edition “Demon’s Child (魔性の子)” was released in Japan. It is the first book of the magnificent plan by Shinchōsha.

   As I wrote here, it has the new cover illustration. Though it is awesome, I have the very first edition and I recall when I read the book at the first time. I had strange feelings about it after reading. At that time, I did not know it is a part of the long long story, however, I felt something. So, when I read “The Shadow of the Moon, The Sea of Shadow (月の影 影の海)”, I think I was fascinated by it.

   I forgot to write though, the new edition “The Shadow of the Moon, The Sea of Shadow #1,#2 (月の影 影の海〔上下〕)” were also released yesterday.

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