I went to Basque. #1

My trip to Basque-#1   At 4a.m. on Oct.17 JST, I got up. I left my house at 4:25a.m. and drove to Fukuoka Airport. I arrived at the parking lot around 5:40. About 70 minutes. It was very short time because it was early morning. I got a takeoff from the Narita at 12:15.

   When I arrived at my hotel in Bilbao, Spain, it was almost the end of the day. I faced the time difference, so it took about 26 hours since I had got up. This included about 6hours as connecting flights time. Very very tired.

   The next morning, I got up at 7:30 because of the tour schedule though I wanted to sleep more and more. My travel agency usually does not plan a hard schedule. But the schedule of the day was very hard for me. At that time, I regretted taking the tour a little bit.

   By the way, I made a slide show. Please take a look. It has no sound. And you can never find me on it. (^^;)

   The dinner of the day was so late and so heavy though it just stuck to schedule. I was really tired again.

   To be continued. (^_~)

Reading 雨月物語 aloud.

   Recently, I make an audio book for my private net radio station (It doesn’t exist anymore – 2016.Jun.1) which is my reading of “Ugetsu monogatari (雨月物語)”.

   There is a big difference between to read aloud and to read silently in Japanese. The difference between the two might exist in other languages. But a unique problem for us, we have the different readings of a word written by Chinese characters (漢字). When we, i.e. grown-up Japanese, read a sentence silently, we don’t mind if we don’t know its pronunciation of a word written by Chinese characters. Chinese character is an ideogram, each of them has meanings itself. Besides, a book for grown-ups has no Furigana (ふりがな). So, we can get what the writer say, but we cannot know how to pronounce of the writer calling to mind.

   “Ugetsu monogatari” is one of Ueda Akinari’s works. Ueda Akinari (上田秋成) was in 18th century. “Ugetsu monogatari” is, so to speak, a collection of Japanese ghost stories.It is not a simple horror book but a dreadful elegant one. If you were Japanese, you could enjoy not only its contents but its style. The original text has good rhythm. If a good reader did aloud, it would become a good audio book. And we have such CDs in Japan.

   Of cource, I’m NOT a good reader, so it is a reckless challenge. But I dare to do it. (++;)

You can look inside!

Update information      Edit(2013.Jan.7)~~Edit4(2014.Mar.29)

   I added my new translation to the page “Kirin tidings“.

   By the way, you can look inside the books. Click the links below!! Unfortunately, all of them are in Japanese only. But you can see the covers of both the front and the back. Enjoy!!

  1. Demon’s Child(魔性の子)
  2. The Shadow of the Moon, The Sea of Shadow #1(月の影 影の海[上])
  3. The Shadow of the Moon, The Sea of Shadow #2(月の影 影の海[下])
  4. Sea of Wind, Shore of the Labyrinth(風の海 迷宮の岸)

   I’ve added new one.
   5. Sea God in the East, Vast Sea in the West(東の海神 西の滄海)

   I’ve added new ones.
   6. A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky at Dawn #1 (風の万里 黎明の空・上)
   7. A Thousand Miles of Wind, The Sky at Dawn #2 (風の万里 黎明の空・下)

   I’ve added new one.
   8. The Birds of Hisho (丕緒の鳥)

   I’ve added new ones.
   9. Tonan no Tsubasa (図南の翼)
   10. Kasho’s Dream (華胥の幽夢)


能と狂言の夕べ   On Sep. 28, I saw Noh(能) “Adachigahara(安達原)” at the Hall nearby. At the same time, they staged Kyōgen(狂言) “Bōshibari(棒縛り)”, and Noh “Futarishizuka(二人静)” as an opening act(舞囃子). In 舞囃子, actors have no mask and perform a main part of the Noh play.
   Three plays were performed in the order below.

  1. Futarishizuka(二人静)
  2. Bōshibari(棒縛り)
  3. Adachigahara(安達原)

   Though I often go and see Kyōgen, this is the first live Noh play I have ever seen. Noh is very closely related with Kyōgen and their history is similar in length. But nowadays, we have less chance of seeing Noh than seeing Kyōgen. This time, we had no famous actors in the performers, but they were good shows.

   By the way, actually I love Kyōgen than Kabuki. And, only “Bōshibari(棒縛り)” I can find on YouTube. Please click the link and enjoy it!!