Welcome back, AEC!!

   Before I go on to the main subject, I write about “Kirin tidings”. I added some to the page.

   After a long term absence, AEC was back to us!! At the beginning of January, I thought to modify the file comment.php in the directory wp-includes by myself. So, it was unexpected pleasure that I had the email notification about this on Jan. 11th.

   I always make Japanese language file for AEC. If you need it, you can download from here.

Sannin Kichisa Tomoe no Shiranami(三人吉三巴白浪)

Sannin Kichisa Tomoe no Shiranami   Today, I saw the kabuki play “Sannin Kichisa Tomoe no Shiranami(三人吉三巴白浪)” at Kaho Gekijō(嘉穂劇場), which is one of traditonal Japanese theaters in existence.

   Nowadays, the theaters in Japan have chairs. But the old theaters in Japan had no chairs, and the audience sat on the floor with cushions(座布団). And they had Hanamichi(花道) and Suppon(スッポン), etc. Kaho Gekijō(嘉穂劇場) still has such styles.

   The play started at 13:30 and ended at around 16:30. It took almost 3 hours and was a full-length play(通し狂言). But, I did not feel too long. I’ve ever heard the original scripts was very longer than the play in today.

   The story is very complicated. If you have curiosity, please read this. (´∀`)

Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.13.0.

   Yesterday(maybe, on 11th by UTC), they released Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.13.0. I tested the version.

   I installed it easily and began to use it immediately, and it works well. I posted How to use Ajax Edit Comments v5.0.7.0 about 11 months ago. The version was very difficult. But, Ajax Edit Comments seems to back in an easy one.

   It doesn’t need the directory “aec” in the uploads anymore. If you update from a version using “aec” to the version, the directory “aec” still remains in your uploads. You can delete it without concern. If this is for the first install of the plugin, you can activate and use it soon after installing. Of course, you need to set up the options.

   I feel the v5.0.13.0 backs in a common WP plugin. Welcome back, Ajax Edit Comments!!

   The new version supports WP multi-site, too. I made “Network Activate” as Network Admin, and I set a Japanese mo file for AEC. Then I can use English AEC on my English blog and Japanese AEC on my Japanese blog. Happy!!

Something wrong?

   In the morning, I had nothing wrong, when I did it. But I did it again around 1 p.m., I had a trouble. What did I do? I wanted to receive my mails from de.yahoo.com.

   After entering Yahoo!-ID and Passwort, I clicked [Anmelden] button. Sooner I got the warning page.

   So, I changed my Passwort.

   On Yahoo! DEUTSCHLAND, something wrong happened?? Does someone have any information?

On July 1st, a new book of “The Twelve Kingdoms”.

   Hi guys, Shinchōsha gave us a big surprise gift today. They announced they would release a new collection of 4 short stories on July 1st. The book contains “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”, “Rakushō no Goku (落照の獄)” and two new stories which are our long-awaited ones. The information about this, I already added the page. Please take a look!!

Hatsumōde(初詣) five days late.

Update information      Edit(Jan.7)

   Today, I visited Takasumi jinja(高住神社) as the Hatsumōde(初詣) five days late. Around the shrine the snow stuck to the ground, and the temperature was -2℃ around 2p.m. I drew omikuji and bought the Tengu(天狗) version Hikosan garagara as a charm to ward off evil spirits for my house.

   I’ll show you some photos. Take a look!!

01-s 02-s 03-s
04-s 05-s  

   I found this on the Takasumi jinja official blog. I drove the very same route yesterday, although less piling and more compacted.

Happy New Year!

   Happy New Year! It is the beginning of a new year.

   This is the year of Hebi, according to the Oriental Zodiac.

   We call ‘hebi’ ‘snake’ in English. I don’t like a real snake (-_-;). But, the snake on the right image is cute, right?

   I wish you guys a Happy New Year.

   Gods bless you, guys!