An access control after such a long time.

   Today, I set an access control for my wp-login.php after such a long time. The reason why I want the AWStats everyday report except for the number of unauthorized accesses for the file wp-login.php.

   About this, I’ve not care for a long time. Because, my sever applications are nearly always up-to-date and its user is just me. But recently, I have a lot of unauthorized accesses for the file wp-login.php than before. I think that the number of them increased after I wrote the post “Snow falling on my blog.“. It is too much and so boring.

   I made a file access-denied.conf like the following and put it into my Apache extra-conf directory. The file also includes some IP addresses I want to deny. Now, it works. Great!!

<Files “wp-login.php”>
Require ip  <<--- my local IP addresses </Files> <Directory "G:/WEB">   <<--- G:/WEB is my document root. <RequireAll> Require all granted   <<--- I forget to write here, so added on Mar.1st. Require not ip Require not ip yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy/yy </RequireAll> </Directory>