Updating to MySQL5.6.14.

Update information      Edit(9/25)

   I updated from MySQL5.6.12 to 5.6.14 on my server (Windows7HP+SP1(x86)).

  1. Download mysql-5.6.14-win32.zip.
  2. Extract the Zip archive.
  3. Stop the MySQL Service.
    Run a cmd.exe as an Administrator.
    >net stop mysql
  4. To be on the safe side, buck up the directories ‘MySQL’ and ‘MyDATA’ in Drive_SV (My server ware partition).
    Note: The default location of ‘MySQL’ is C:\mysql and the default location of ‘MyDATA’ is C:\mysql\data.
  5. Overwrite four directories and a file into the existing ‘MySQL’. Of course, my old my.ini still remains in the directory ‘MySQL’.
    • directories
    • file
  6. Overwrite two directories and three files into the existing ‘MyDATA’ except next four files, db.MYD, db.MYI, user.MYD, user.MYI. The files exist in the directory mysql of ‘MyDATA’. If you overwrite these files, you must reconfigure users and passwords about MySQL. My old auto.cnf remains in the directory ‘MyDATA’.
    • directories
    • files
  7. Start the MySQL Service.
    Run a cmd.exe as an Administrator.
    >net start mysql

   That’s it.

   I have had a lot of errors about a table in my database since the day before yesterday. I don’t know it had a relationship with this update or not, I dropped all database about my WordPress, and imported my backup. Now, it seems to look well.

Updating to PHP5.5.4.

Update information      Edit(9/21)

   At Sep-18 23:44:17UTC, they released PHP5.5.4.

   They say this release fixes several bugs against PHP 5.5.3. ( ChangeLog )

   I downloaded a Thread Safe version php-5.5.4-Win32-VC11-x86.zip for my server (Windows7HP+SP1(x86)). It requires VC11. If you don’t have VC11 on your Windows, you must install vcredist_x__.exe before the PHP configuration.

   The text in the file php.ini-production is slightly changed.

   About short_open_tag
On PHP5.5.3 —
; This directive determines whether or not PHP will recognize code between
; <? and ?> tags as PHP source which should be processed as such. It’s been
; recommended for several years that you not use the short tag “short cut” and
; instead to use the full <?php and ?> tag combination. With the wide spread use
; of XML and use of these tags by other languages, the server can become easily
; confused and end up parsing the wrong code in the wrong context. But because
; this short cut has been a feature for such a long time, it’s currently still
; supported for backwards compatibility, but we recommend you don’t use them.
On PHP5.5.4 —
; This directive determines whether or not PHP will recognize code between
; <? and ?> tags as PHP source which should be processed as such. It is
; generally recommended that <?php and ?> should be used and that this feature
; should be disabled, as enabling it may result in issues when generating XML
; documents, however this remains supported for backward compatibility reasons.
; Note that this directive does not control the [PHP-DEV] Is it true that short_open_tag is deprecated in PHP 6?“.

   And, about session.use_strict_mode, which finally showed up.
On PHP5.5.3 —
On PHP5.5.4 —
; Whether to use strict session mode.
; Strict session mode does not accept uninitialized session ID and regenerate
; session ID if browser sends uninitialized session ID. Strict mode protects
; applications from session fixation via session adoption vulnerability. It is
; disabled by default for maximum compatibility, but enabling it is encouraged.
; https://wiki.php.net/rfc/strict_sessions
session.use_strict_mode = 0

   As the official PHP binary includes php5apache2_4.dll, I extract the zip archive and replace all PHP5.5.3 files with all PHP5.5.4 files except my php.ini. Then, I restart my Apache. That’s it.

   If you need how to configure PHP5.5, please see the post. It is for a mbstrings user, but the information gives some help for you.

   I tried this script to be sure that “Note that this directive does not control the <?= shorthand tag, which can be used regardless of this directive.”.
      <? echo “1. Can I use this directive?”; ?>
      <?php echo “2. Can I use this directive?”; ?>
      <?= “3. Can I use this directive?”; ?>
   The answer was the below.

      2. Can I use this directive?
      3. Can I use this directive?
   In my php.ini, the short tag “short cut” is disabled, but the shorthand tag is available despite it. The PHP manual reads;


This directive also affected the shorthand <?= before PHP 5.4.0, which is identical to <? echo. Use of this shortcut required short_open_tag to be on. Since PHP 5.4.0, <?= is always available.

Tonight is “Otsukimi”, soooo beautiful Full moon.

   Hi, guys!! This year’s “Otsukimi” is come. Today, we have very very clear sky, so, we can see soooooooooooooo beautiful Full moon. We hold Otsukimi(お月見) on 15th of August by our old calendar(旧暦).

   I took its picture. And I remember a child song “月(moon)” like this.

  1. Detadeta tsukiga
    出た出た 月が
    Maruimarui manmarui
    丸い丸い まん丸い
    Bonnoyōna tsukiga
    盆のような 月が
  2. Kakureta kumoni
    隠れた 雲に
    Kuroikuroi makkuroi
    黒い黒い まっ黒い
    Suminoyōna kumoni
    墨のような 雲に
  3. Matadeta tsukiga
    また出た 月が
    Maruimarui manmarui
    丸い丸い まん丸い
    Bonnoyōna tsukiga
    盆のような 月が

   If you want, listen to the song.   
   If your browser doesn’t support audio tags, please download and listen!!

   In second Lyrics, he is covered with thick clouds. But, this has never happened tonight. Who is he? He is the moon. Don’t think it is my mistake. In Japan the god of moon is a man named 月讀命(Tsukuyomi no mikoto). (^^)

An access control after such a long time-#2.

   About seven months ago, I made an Apache extra conf file “access-denied.conf” like this. Today, I’ve modified it to control accesses to the directory “wp-admin”.

   I opened the access-denied.conf and changed the text like this.

<Files “wp-login.php”>
  Require ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx  <<--- my local IP addresses   Require host My wifi domain name </Files> New: <Files "wp-login.php">   Require ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx  <<--- my local IP addresses   Require host My wifi domain name </Files> <Directory "drive_DC:/WEB/htdocs/wp-admin">  <<--- drive_DC:/WEB/htdocs/ is my DocumentRoot.   Require ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx  <<--- my local IP addresses   Require host My wifi domain name   <Files "wp-admin-ajax.php">     Require all granted   </Files> </Directory>    I excluded the file "admin-ajax.php" from this deny rule, because the plugins which use the Ajax features need it (Ref:「Re: WordPress使いならこれだけはやっておきたい本当のセキュリティ対策10項目」). Actually, I examined plugins on my WordPress, and found some of them used the hook wp_ajax_(action). So, I needed to exclude the file from the rule.

   The rule works well. (^^)

The translation “Seijō no Ran (青条の蘭)”-#3.

   I’ve posted the last half of chapter 1, “Seijō no Ran (青条の蘭)”.

   I wanted to add some notes about this part of the story. For example, Sekijin(迹人) is literally a “tracker” who gathers wildlife and vegetation from wild trees. And, Sekijin(迹人) is Hyōchū(標仲)’s position. But I have not done, yet.

   By the way, for the Juuni kokuki series Ono sensei borrowed many words from ancient Chinese administration system, like 地官, 迹人, etc. And, she gave different meanings to some words. Originally, Chōsai(冢宰), Taisai(太宰), and Saiho(宰輔) had the same meaning. But in the series, these three express three different positions. Honestly, I want to write about such things. However, in English, always, “I cannot find adequate words to express my feelings” (in Japanese 「その心あまりて,ことばたらず。」 from the kana preface of Kokin Wakashū).

   Actually, if I translate the meaning from the original context of the kana preface, it is “He cannot find adequate words to express his feelings”. But, the 「その心あまりて,ことばたらず。」 has neither I/he nor my/his. This is one of differences between Japanese and English.

The translation of “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”, Third Edition.

   Yesterday, I released the translation of “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”, Third Edition. I think this edition has more reader-friendly English because Delonix helped me so much. He is so kind as to have offered me some help for my translating. We’ve worked together since June 17.

   I posted the article about the difficulty of my translation, and the person like him is very helpful to such a situation. He is not like a helicopter parent but like a good parent. He told me a lot of points to be corrected. He does not only blame my translation, but gives the alternatives.

   I really appreciate his help. We completed our mission. If the result makes you happy, which will make me happy. (^^)

   In addition, Delonix has a site on Flickr, and you can see beautiful flowers on it.

WordPress: Administration Over SSL #3

   When I activated the Administration Over SSL, I didn’t set “define( ‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true );” because at that moment I used a laptop pc (LaVie PC-LC5505D) as the server and it was already slow.

   Today, I had an update message about the plugin Ajax Edit Comments Version and the Changelog read:

Fixing SSL error when FORCE_SSL_ADMIN is set to true. See trac ticket: http://buddypress.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/4761

   That made me remember the setting of the Administration Over SSL.

   I opened my wp-config.php and commented out the line “define( ‘FORCE_SSL_LOGIN’, true );” under which I added the line “define( ‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true );”. Saved and closed the wp-config.php.

   After this, when I access all the administration area of my WordPress, I need my own certificate because the WordPress works over SSL. Fortunately, I don’t feel the server response is slower. How about you?

   By the way, I also had an update message about the phpMyAdmin 4.0.6, so I used this opportunity to update it.

An advance order of the “Juuni Kokuki” calendar 2014.

   On Aug. 1st, Shinchōsha announced they would publish a “Juuni Kokuki” calendar 2014. It has Yamada Akihiro illustrations for the entire “Juuni Kokuki” edition. But, I didn’t know they were going to accept orders from out of Japan. Today, I found a page on Japanese Amazon. It seems you, who don’t live in Japan, can get the calender.

   If you care a great deal about it, please jump to the page “Juuni Kokuki” calendar 2014. (^o^)

   For you it might not be reasonable about its price. It is ¥1890 in Japan.

I am depressed for some reason.

   Can I complain the difficulty of my translation?

   Actually, for about 10 days, I have been depressed for some reason. I know my English is bad, so my translation is not good. But when I find that someone says about it not here but somewhere on the Internet, which lets me down. Because it is the same as to talk behind my back, I can do nothing against it.

   Previously, one of my blog visitors offered me some help, and I was very glad though it was not done well. Now, another visitor are giving me some help. The two told me straight “this is better than that”. I really appreciate their help. My English is not good, so I think the translation has a lot of points to be corrected. But the problem is I cannot get them by myself. If I know about them by myself, I can correct them, of course.

   You know, I am NOT a professional translator and I am NOT a native English speaker. Like some software developers who volunteered sometimes ask for donations, I want your correction as a donation for my translation if you are good at English. (^^;)

   Thanks in advance!!