I am depressed for some reason.

   Can I complain the difficulty of my translation?

   Actually, for about 10 days, I have been depressed for some reason. I know my English is bad, so my translation is not good. But when I find that someone says about it not here but somewhere on the Internet, which lets me down. Because it is the same as to talk behind my back, I can do nothing against it.

   Previously, one of my blog visitors offered me some help, and I was very glad though it was not done well. Now, another visitor are giving me some help. The two told me straight “this is better than that”. I really appreciate their help. My English is not good, so I think the translation has a lot of points to be corrected. But the problem is I cannot get them by myself. If I know about them by myself, I can correct them, of course.

   You know, I am NOT a professional translator and I am NOT a native English speaker. Like some software developers who volunteered sometimes ask for donations, I want your correction as a donation for my translation if you are good at English. (^^;)

   Thanks in advance!!