Updating to MySQL5.6.14.

Update information      Edit(9/25)

   I updated from MySQL5.6.12 to 5.6.14 on my server (Windows7HP+SP1(x86)).

  1. Download mysql-5.6.14-win32.zip.
  2. Extract the Zip archive.
  3. Stop the MySQL Service.
    Run a cmd.exe as an Administrator.
    >net stop mysql
  4. To be on the safe side, buck up the directories ‘MySQL’ and ‘MyDATA’ in Drive_SV (My server ware partition).
    Note: The default location of ‘MySQL’ is C:\mysql and the default location of ‘MyDATA’ is C:\mysql\data.
  5. Overwrite four directories and a file into the existing ‘MySQL’. Of course, my old my.ini still remains in the directory ‘MySQL’.
    • directories
    • file
  6. Overwrite two directories and three files into the existing ‘MyDATA’ except next four files, db.MYD, db.MYI, user.MYD, user.MYI. The files exist in the directory mysql of ‘MyDATA’. If you overwrite these files, you must reconfigure users and passwords about MySQL. My old auto.cnf remains in the directory ‘MyDATA’.
    • directories
    • files
  7. Start the MySQL Service.
    Run a cmd.exe as an Administrator.
    >net start mysql

   That’s it.

   I have had a lot of errors about a table in my database since the day before yesterday. I don’t know it had a relationship with this update or not, I dropped all database about my WordPress, and imported my backup. Now, it seems to look well.

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