About the ca-bundle.crt of WordPress3.7.x.

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   I wrote something about the ca-bundle.crt of WordPress3.7.x on the post.

   About it, Oiram gave me A useful information. If you get the same issue “Warning! Problem updating https://SITENAME. Your server may not be able to connect to sites running on it. Error message: SSL certificate problem: self signed certificate in certificate chain.“, read the article “Error upgrading WordPress (SSL)”, and do his workaround.

   Thinking back now, in my case, there were some differences from his case. Even now, I do not use his workaround. My SSL certificate system works well after updating to WordPress3.7.1. This time updating did not give me any warnings.

   My server environment is very unique, so, I might have got the issue was slightly different from his.

   Still now, I have two questions.

  1. Why did WordPress ver.3.7 give me the warning about one site only in spite of there were a parent and three child sites on the same WordPress multisite?
    About the setting of the ca-bundle.crt, I found out in the class-http.php. This should have the same effect on all of my sites. Why did one site only have the warning?
  2. Do I need to use Oiram’s workaround though my SSL system works well?

   Since January 3rd, I cannot access to the Oiram’s site. For a few people googling by the word “ca-bundle.crt” and reaching here, I uploaded the PDF version of Oiram’s workaround. 「Error upgrading WordPress (SSL)

   Today, I can access to the the Oiram’s site after a very long interval.

   I wrote an article The solution of “SSL3_READ_BYTES:sslv3 alert handshake failure” on WordPress.