Updating to AWStats7.3.

   I updated AWStats from 7.2 to 7.3. See ChangeLog and current features. Wow!

  1. Downloaded awstats-7.3.zip for my server (Windows7HP + SP1 (x86)).
  2. Extracted the Zip archive.
  3. Replaced the old folders below by new ones. (Location:Drive_DC:\awstats\wwwroot\)
  4. Replaced the old folders below by new ones. (Location:Drive_DC:\awstats\wwwroot\cgi-bin\)
  5. Customize new awdownloadcsv.pl, awredir.pl and awstats.pl. (Location:Drive_DC:\awstats\wwwroot\cgi-bin\).
         #!/usr/bin/perl  —>  #!Drive_SV:/perl/bin/perl
    Replaced the old files by new ones.
  6. Use old awstats.MyDomain.com.conf as the new conf.

   If you install AWStats at the first time, see AWStats Installation, Configuration and Reporting.

   I use this opportunity to do the software blow up-to-date. Actually, about PERL I did on Dec.26. I forgot to write it. Now, I updated AWStats, which is a PERL scripts package. So, the information about it needs the PERL version. Right? (^_^;)

  • ActivePerl- —> ActivePerl-
  • phpMyAdmin-4.1.0 —> phpMyAdmin-4.1.6
  • mariadb-5.5.34 —> mariadb-5.5.35

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