Migrating from PHP 5.5.16 to PHP 5.6.0 on Windows.

   They released PHP5.6.0 on Aug-27 21:52:22. Actually, it was about half a day earlier than the release on php.net, and time lag between the two I sometimes experience recently. So, this afternoon, I migrated from PHP 5.5.16 to PHP 5.6.0 on my Web server (Windows7 HP + SP1 (x86)). Here is its ChangeLog.

   They say “Most improvements in PHP 5.6.x have no impact on existing code. There are a few incompatibilities and new features that should be considered, and code should be tested before switching PHP versions in production environments.” and it is true. I didn’t need any changes on existing codes. However, migrating from PHP 5.5.16 to PHP 5.6.0 in my case. If migrating from more older version, you might need some changes.

   I did not change my old php.ini except about mbstring. PHP 5.6.0 has UTF-8 as its default charset, so I thought I does not need the customization about mbstring anymore. If you run production sites, you should use a php.ini based on the php.ini-production INI file that the official package includes. The php.ini-development INI file is for development environments.

   The following table shows my new configuration for the version 5.6.0. Drive_SV that is my server software partition.

  Default Custom
1 output_buffering = 4096 output_buffering = Off
2 disable_functions = disable_functions =”shell_exec, suexec, passthru, phpinfo”
3 expose_php = On expose_php = Off
4 ; extension_dir = "ext" extension_dir = "Drive_SV:\PHP\ext\"
5 allow_url_fopen = On allow_url_fopen = Off
6 ;extension=php_curl.dll extension=php_curl.dll
7 ;extension=php_gd2.dll extension=php_gd2.dll
8 ;extension=php_mbstring.dll extension=php_mbstring.dll
9 ;extension=php_mysqli.dll extension=php_mysqli.dll
10 ;extension=php_openssl.dll extension=php_openssl.dll
11   zend_extension= "Drive_SV:\PHP\ext\php_opcache.dll"
12 ;date.timezone = date.timezone ="Asia/Tokyo"
13 ;sendmail_from = me@example.com sendmail_from = My email address
14 mysql.allow_persistent = On mysql.allow_persistent = Off
15 ;opcache.enable=0 opcache.enable=1
16 ;opcache.memory_consumption=64 opcache.memory_consumption=128
17 ;opcache.interned_strings_buffer=4 opcache.interned_strings_buffer=8
18 ;opcache.max_accelerated_files=2000 opcache.max_accelerated_files=4000
19 ;opcache.revalidate_freq=2 opcache.revalidate_freq=60
20 ;opcache.fast_shutdown=0 opcache.fast_shutdown=1

   The 1 and 14 settings might give some troubles on your server. It depends on your server environment. The 11 and 15 – 20 are values for OPcache. So if you don’t use OPcache, leave the default for them.Now 1 day after the migration. After that, php_opcache.dll was giving a lot of errors. I have stopped using OPcache until I find the solution. To change mbstring settings might give some bad effects to server performances. I am having wait-and-see attitude.

   As you see, I do not use MySQL Extension on my server anymore. I use MySQLi Extension only.

   I’ll show you my server software versions.

   I’ve almost forgot to write. This time I had a trouble which gave me an error ‘Bad Host request’. It was BulletProof Security’s fault. Ha-ha-ha. So I disabled the plugin before PHP version up. Then I enabled it again after the PHP migration. I gave it a bum-rap. It was php_opcache.dll’s fault. Hey BulletProof Security, sorry!

Memorandum #6.

   I don’t know why but I’m very tired. I jot down for my memory.

   My server OS is Windows7 HP SP1 (x86).

  1. PHP 5.5.15 (php-5.5.15-Win32-VC11-x86.zip)
    —> PHP 5.5.16 (php-5.5.16-Win32-VC11-x86.zip)
  2. MariaDB 10.0.12 (mariadb-10.0.12-win32.zip)
    —> MariaDB 10.0.13 (mariadb-10.0.13-win32.zip)
  3. phpMyAdmin 4.2.7 (phpMyAdmin-4.2.7-english.zip)
    —> phpMyAdmin (phpMyAdmin-

   My guess tells me all of them are security releases. So I’ve dealt with them promptly.

Memorandum #5.

Update information      Edit(Aug.28)
  1. I found their announcement of PHP 5.6.0 GA on the article about RC4, wow! I can’t wait.
  2. I updated Apache 2.4.10 (httpd-2.4.10-win32-VC11.zip) which was built with openssl-1.0.1i. The reason is this advisory, OpenSSL Security Advisory [6 Aug 2014]. I knew this news but Steffen replied “Coming days the builds here at Apache Lounge are going to be upgraded. It has not that priority and severity ~” to Jan-E. So I waited to be upgraded.
  3. I read a lot of articles about the troubles with Windows Update 2014 Aug. Though I had no trouble with my own PCs, I uninstalled the following updates that were installed on my PCs. Because I heard they suggested to uninstall KB2982791, KB2970228, KB2975719 and KB2975331 even if currently no trouble.
    • Windows8.1(x86) on NJ2100
    • Windows7 SP1(x64) on CF-J10
    • Windows7 SP1(x86) on xw4200
    • Windows Vista SP2(x86) on KeyPaso

    In the past, Windows update gave us troubles almost every time, but I feel this was the first mess in quite a while. How about your feelings? (^_~)

   Hey! We have new MS14-045 update KB2993651. See Microsoft Security Bulletin MS14-045 – Important.

To create a BBS by the WordPress plugin bbPress.

Update information      Edit(Aug.16)    Edit2(Nov.4)    Edit3(2016.Feb.27)

   Since I unified my site CMSes to WordPress, I’ve troubled how I create my BBSes on the both sites of Japanese and English.
   What I want my BBSes is two things, one is the normal BBS features of course and the other is a communication board for some troubles on my home server, for example 403 forbidden, 503 Service Unavailable, etc. Hence the BBSes must exist on other servers than my home server.

   On the English site I first used the comment feature of the single WordPress page for this purpose. It didn’t meet both of my requirements. But, I’ve had few people write comments on it so I’ve left it be.
   On the Japanese site I fist created the BBS by a free Perl scripts named ‘Joyful Note‘. It met both of my requirements, but after I transferred my domain on this February new hosting service brings me no Perl cgi service. So I stopped using Joyful Note, and created a new BBS by PukiWiki. Though this PukiWiki board exists on the other server than my home server, its features as a BBS are very poor.

   About ten days earlier, an inspiration hit me. “I just make a BBS like WordPress.org Forums.” I looked into the site HTML source codes, and then I found the word bbPress. Now, I’ve created my BBSes by bbPress on WebCrow which is a free web hosting service of my registrar.

   By the way, you can find tons of information about bbPress form the old to the new. You shouldn’t refer to the old. bbPress is in progress still now and I think its progress’s been very fast. Now, bbPress becomes one of the normal WordPress plugins, so at its installation you need only a WordPress plugin installation.

   My customization to bbPress is the following things only.

  • On some situations, the color of letters are too light than I can read them. So, I change #ccc & #bbb to # 333 on three places in bbpress/templates/default/css/bbpress.css.

         #bbpress-forums .status-closed,
         #bbpress-forums .status-closed a {
             color: #ccc;
         .bbp-forum-header a.bbp-forum-permalink,
         .bbp-topic-header a.bbp-topic-permalink,
         .bbp-reply-header a.bbp-reply-permalink {
             color: #ccc;
         span.bbp-admin-links a {
             color: #bbb;

   bbPress has no image uploading feature, so I install GD bbPress Attachments. And I customize the following two filters due to convenience for anonymous users.

  • They exist in gd-bbpress-attachments/code/attachments/class.php.
     return apply_filters('d4p_bbpressattchment_is_user_allowed', $allowed);
     return apply_filters('d4p_bbpressattchment_is_user_allowed', true);
     return apply_filters('d4p_bbpressattchment_is_hidden_from_visitors', $value == 1);
     return apply_filters('d4p_bbpressattchment_is_hidden_from_visitors', false);

   I still have a problem about these two plugins. They have no ENTIRE Japanese language files and I couldn’t find them anywhere. I only translated the visible part for visitors. But, their pot flies include a lot of words, especially bbPress, so my work doesn’t meet the unveiling schedule of BBSes (;´o`).

   By the way, I added six Japanese characters (案内サピプッ) to Untitled1_sub.woff. Well, we can use FontForge on Windows easily, clap clap. At this time, WOFFコンバータ didn’t work well though I don’t know about the reason, so I used ttf to woff converter to renew the Untitled1_sub.woff.

   I move all comments on old BBSes to new ones.

  • Note: bbPress has the time when a user modified a comment (_bbp_last_active_time) on each topic and shows it as a post date. I cannot rewrite them from WordPress Admin Panel, and it is a little bit trouble for old comments. So, I rewrote them as MySQL data.

   Mission complete!! Here new BBSes are. Please feel free to use. m(_”_)m

   I found https://translate.wordpress.org/projects/bbpress. It’s cool. I have to get involved!

   If your BBS needs more customization, bbPress Shortcodes might help you. Here is Shortcodes Codex.

   Recently, some language files for bbPress, for example Japanese, are automatically downloaded from Translating WordPress. So you don’t need po nor mo files in the plugin language folder. I don’t remember this feature began to work from when. But it works well now. My WordPress is 4.4.2 and bbPress is 2.5.8 at this point.

Inconvenient things.

   Recently, I had two inconvenient things. One is about IE11 on Windows7 and the other is about phpMyAdmin version on the service of WebCrow. Yes I know, these things aren’t grouped together because their levels are very different.

   The thing about IE11 on Windows7 is this (Credential authentication does not work if you paste credential information by using the Paste shortcut menu command in Windows 7 or in Windows Server 2008 R2). This looks one of the well-known issues. OK, I need not the Hotfix of KB2547752. OK, I can do CTRL+V or anything. But about the trouble the most frustrating for me is IE11 on Windows7 shows me ‘●●●●●●●●●●’ as if the procedure is normally ended when I use a right click and paste. ‘Don’t Use the Paste shortcut menu command’ is an old story, so itself is no problem. But if it’s requested, they should not make IE show ‘●●●●●●●●●●’. Grrr.

   The other is phpMyAdmin version is 2.11.x.x on WebCrow. This version does not have Configuration storage, so I cannot use the feature bookmarks. Very inconvenient! I realize I am dependent on the feature everyday life, ha-ha-ha.

Microsoft Security Advisory 2915720-#2

   Do you remember my post “Microsoft Security Advisory 2915720 ???”? Now August 12 is approaching, so I wonder how it’s going on. For about a week, my translation was getting down to the wire in my mind, I missed the new revision about Microsoft Security Advisory 2915720, but I suddenly found yesterday.

   To conclude is “Microsoft no longer plans to enforce the stricter verification behavior as a default functionality on supported releases of Microsoft Windows.” But they also say “It remains available as an opt-in feature.”

   According to the well-informed, they are keenly reminded of its severe effects than expected, and then they give it up at this time.

Cleaning of the graveyard.

   Today is Risshū(立秋), so I was going to clean the patrimonial graveyard in this morning. Actually, this is for Obon(お盆). Most of Japanese do the cleaning of the graveyard for Obon still now, but all of them do not do it on Risshū. It is my family custom.

   It’s sunny day today. I cleaned the graveyard from 6:30 to 8:00. The period we feel cooler than around noon.

WordPress3.9.2 Background Updates.

   This morning I had a update message about WordPress 3.9.2 by an email. It is a minor maintenance release. But it includes a fix for ‘a possible denial of service issue in PHP’s XML processing’ and others. They strongly encourage us to update our sites immediately. So if your site does not support automatic background updates, you’d better follow their words and update manually.

   List of Files Revised