“The Garden of eternity” was released on July 31.

   Hi, guys!! I have a good news about 十二国記 for you.

   Yamada Akihiro(山田章博) illustration collection book named “The Garden of eternity(久遠の庭)” was released on July 31. Maybe you can get “The Garden of eternity(久遠の庭)” via Amazon.

   It’s very beautiful but a little bit expensive.

4 thoughts on ““The Garden of eternity” was released on July 31.”

  1. Thank you for the news! I’m currently reading “A thousand league of winds…” so I’m very early in the story and a very new fan. And the shipment fare for my country are reallly high. But I put it in my wishlist for future purchases.
    By the way there is a …way to remain update about your blog like feed or so?
    I’m studing japanese so I’m curious also about the other blog buta all those kanji are a little frightening ^-^
    bye Shizuka

    1. Hi Shizuka.

      > But I put it in my wishlist for future purchases.
      Hmmm. How long is your wishlist? I hope that your wish comes true (^_^).

      By the way, my blogs have feeds. The main blog “o6asan’s Web Site” has no feed, but you can know about its update by the feed of “o6asan’s soliloquy” because I write a new post when I make an update on o6asan’s Web Site.

      For o6asan’s soliloquy.: https://o6asan.com/blog-e/feed/ and for its comments: https://o6asan.com/blog-e/comments/feed/
      For o6asan’s soliloquy-part2: https://o6asan.com/blog-j/feed/ and for its comments: https://o6asan.com/blog-j/comments/feed/

      Or you can use the feature “Notify me by email”. The check boxes for this feature exist on the end of every post. See the image below.

  2. Thank you, I ‘ve just realised that the “Notify me of new post is just under the comment box… ^^
    Actually my wish list is quite long…but priority exist to get rid of too long wish list isn’t it ^^?
    The great problem is that the shipment fares from Japan&China to here are SO high…^^at least on amazon…

    1. > I’ve just realised that…
      OH! That’s good.

      > the shipment fares from Japan&China to here are SO high
      Yes, I agree about your complaint of the shipment fares. But it’s maybe natural because we are on opposite sides of the earth (;´o`).

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