First VPS #2 : Connecting via SSH.

   Yesterday morning WordPress 4.0.1 came. They say it is an update for fixing security issues, especially XSS. I encourage you to update to the version immediately if its not updated automatically. When I read “An extremely unlikely hash collision could allow a user’s account to be compromised, that also required that they haven’t logged in since 2008 (I wish I were kidding).”, I laughed despite myself. But I wouldn’t be laughing (Sigh).

   CentOS7 provides SSH feature by default. After changing OS, I connected to the VPS by SSH client named TeraTerm. Of course, you can use other SSH client software, for example, PuTTY, WinSCP, etc. The default SSH server version is 6.4p1-8 now.

   The default setting was less secure because I could connect to the VPS as a root user with root-password. So I changed the settings.

   Before this, I made a public key and a private key by TeraTerm. I set a passphrase to the private key. Of course, I can make the keys on the server, but in such a case I have to have the private key via the Internet. I hate this.

||First, to edit Sudoers File||

  1. Log in VPS Control Panel and click “リモートコンソール”, and then click “VNCコンソールを開く”.
  2. Click “HTML5モードで開く” within 60 seconds. QEMU pop-up in another window.
  3. # usermod -G wheel centos  <--- "centos" is one of normal users I add to the Sudoers File. # visudo
    The Sudoers File opens.
  4. Search the line includes “wheel” by the command ‘/wheel’.
    If you find “#” at the head of “%wheel ALL=(ALL) ALL”, remove “#”. But I found no “#” with the head, so I had nothing to do.
    Note) How to use visudo is the same as how to use the vim editor.
  5. Quit visudo.
  6. # su - centos
  7. $ sudo shutdown -h now
  8. At the first time you use ‘sudo’, you have the followings.

    We trust you have received the usual lecture from the local System Administrator. It usually boils down to these three things:

    #1) Respect the privacy of others.
    #2) Think before you type.
    #3) With great power comes great responsibility.

    And it requires your password like this.
    [sudo] password for centos:

  9. You can confirm the server halted at the page “VPS ホーム”. Reboot the server.

||Second, to install the package policycoreutils-python||

  1. Log on QEMU again. Install the package policycoreutils-python because I need the ‘semanage’ command for changing SSH port.
    # yum install policycoreutils-python

||Third, to change SSH settings||

  1. Run TeraTerm (ttermpro.exe). Log in VPS as the user “centos” with password.
  2. Drag&Drop the public key ( to TeraTerm Window. TeraTerm has SCP(Secure Copy Protocol) feature. Click “SCP” button.
  3. $ mkdir .ssh
    $ chmod 700 .ssh
    $ cat > .ssh/authorized_keys
    $ chmod 600 .ssh/authorized_keys
    $ rm -f
  4. $ su -
    Password:  <--- Type the root password.
  5. # vi /etc/ssh/sshd_config
    The sshd_config opens.
  6. #Port22  —>  Port****
    #PermitRootLogin yes  —>  PermitRootLogin no
    PasswordAuthentication yes  —>  PasswordAuthentication no
    Overwrite and save the sshd_config.

    # systemctl restart sshd.service

    Note) **** is one of the numbers other than well-known ports. But the numbers are 0 – 65535.

  7. # firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=public --add-port=****/tcp
    # firewall-cmd --reload
    # semanage port -a -t ssh_port_t -p tcp ****
  8. # exit
    $ exit
    The connection is terminated.
  9. Run TeraTerm (ttermpro.exe) again. Log in VPS as the user “centos” with key authentication. At the time, use the new SSH port (****) and you need the passphrase of the private key.
  10. I used ‘sudo’ command via SSH.

    $ sudo firewall-cmd --list-all
    public (default, active)
      interfaces: eth0
      services: dhcpv6-client ssh
      ports: ****/tcp
      masquerade: no
      rich rules:

   Mission complete!!

   By the way, I updated my PHP to 5.6.3 on Nov. 15th. ChangLog

First VPS #1 : How to install CentOS7.

   くりくりさん’s comment on the Japanese blog inspired me to use CentOS7 on さくらのVPS. I began to use a free trial for two weeks on 18th.

   Unfortunately, their service is only in Japanese and only for people who live in Japan. But, I think their service is well if you live in Japan. So, I’ll introduce how to register for it.

fig.1 お申し込み
||How to register for さくらのVPS||

  1. Go to さくらのVPS and click “お申し込み” (fig.1).
  2. The page “さくら VPS のお申し込み” shows up. Click “利用規約の確認へ” (fig.2).
  3. The page “以下の約款及び個人情報の取扱いについてよくご確認ください。” shows up. Print out “基本約款” and “個人情報の取扱いについて” and read them thoroughly. Check the radio button “同意する” and click “つぎへ –>” (fig.3).
  4. The page “お客様の情報をご入力ください” shows up.
    fig.2 利用規約の確認へ

    Complete the forms about followings on the page. (*) things are required.

    • メールアドレス(*):  E-mail(*):
    • ご契約者の種別(*):  Type of Contractant(*):
    • ご契約者名(*):  Contractant Name(*):  <--- Last-name-first order.
    • 「約款」&「個人情報の取扱いについて」
      fig.3 「約款」&「個人情報の取扱いについて」
      ご契約者名カナ(*):  Contractant Name カナ(*):
    • 生年月日(*):  Birth Date(*):
    • 性別(*):  Sex(*):
    • 郵便番号(*):  Zip code(*):
    • ご住所(*):  Prefecture(*):
    • 街区名・番地等(*):  Address…(*):
    • 建物名等:  Building:
    • 電話番号(*):(※携帯可)  (Mobile) Phone #(*):
    • FAX番号:  FAX #:

    Click “つぎへ –>”.

  5. The page “会員メニューへログインするためのパスワードを指定してください” shows up.
    • パスワード:  Pasword:
    • 「ひみつ」の質問 :  Secret Question:  <--- Select from the pull-down menu or you can make an original question.
    • 「ひみつ」の答え:  Answer:

    Click “つぎへ –>”.

  6. The page “サービスプラン” shows up.
    • Select さくらのVPS 1G  <--- If you use a free trial for two weeks.
    • Select a residence 石狩/東京/大阪

    Click “つぎへ –>”.

  7. The page “Payment” shows up.
    • Select 毎月払い/年払い  monthly/yearly
    • There are several Payment Methods on the page but you can only use “クレジットカード (Credit Card)” if you use a free trial for two weeks.
    • There are some important notes on the page. Especially, the two written in red are very important.
      ・This temporary registration becomes a formally registration after 2 weeks from your application. If you want the cancellation within the trial period, you have to do it by yourself.
      ・You can manually change the status of the registration from temporary to formally by your account menu. But if you did it, you lose your right about the cancellation even if your trial period doesn’t end.

    Click “つぎへ –>”.

  8. 以下の通りお申込を受付いたしました
    fig.4 以下の通りお申込を受付いたしました
  9. The page “最終のご確認” shows up.
    This is a confirmation page. Print it out if you need.
  10. The page “以下の通りお申込を受付いたしました” shows up. The page gives you the followings.
    • 会員ID  User ID
    • プラン名  Service Name
    • サービスコード  Service ID
    • メールアドレス  E-mail

    Click “会員メニューへお進みください” (fig.4).

   Now you reach your account page. Logout. The temporary registration completely.

||How to log in VPS Control Panel||

  1. Go to VPSコントロールパネル and log in.
    You can find IPアドレス (IP address) and パスワード (Password) on the email “[さくらのVPS] 仮登録完了のお知らせ”.
  2. パスワード変更  Chage password  <--- This password is for VPSコントロールパネル.

||How to install CentOS7||

  1. The default OS is CentOS6, but I want to use CentOS7. So I installed it from “OS再インストール”.
  2. Go to “OS再インストール” and click “カスタムOSインストールへ”.
  3. Select “CentOS 7 x86_64” from the drop-down menu and click “確認 (confirm)”.
  4. Click “実行 (execute)”.
  5. Click “HTML5モードで開く” within 60 seconds. QEMU pop-up in another window.
  6. About instllation, see CentOS 7.
    While the instillation you need to set up root-password and a normal user.
  7. The instillation might take time. When it has finished, you have the message “Server disconnected…”. Buck to “VPSホーム” and boot the server (仮想サーバ操作:起動). The “ステータス (status)” is changed from “停止” to “稼働中”.
  8. Now I have CentOS7 as VPS OS.

   It was in trouble during the installation that the bottom of QEMU did not appear at all. So I had to handle “Reclaim space” and “Begin Installation” with my intuition and [TAB] and [ENTER] keys. Oops!

Memorandum #8.

ROLIS descent image
ROLIS descent image
   Hey, have you heard?
   Philae landed on comet on November 12th at 15:35 UTC (13th at 00:35 JST).
   The comet name is 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Wow!!
   By the way, have you known that our Hayabusa 2 launch is scheduled on November 30th? I can’t wait and I hope good weather!
    Memo 1

  • HeadlineI added alphabet headlines to Notes, and I use Kranky for their font. For this, I made the following customization to the style.css of the main site. I added the lines with “+” at its head.
    @import url("../sugar-and-spice/style.css");
    +@import url(;
    /* Typography */
    h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6 {
    color: #000;
    +h2 {
    + font-family: 'Kranky', cursive, Arial, sans-serif;
    + font-size: 2em;
    + margin: 0 0;
    Here is the old CSS file before work.
    Note) In my case, I changed <h2> tag’s property because I don’t use this tag for any other places on my main site. So, this change does not give any effects to rest of the main site.
  • Memo 2

  • I stopped using the plugin Google Analytics by Yoast. But I still use Google Analytics, so I made some configuration for it.
    1. Make a file named ‘analyticstracking.php’ under instructions at Tracking ID page of Google Analytics and copy it to the child theme directory.
    2. Copy the original header.php of my theme to the child theme directory.
    3. Edit new headr.php.
      Add <? php include_once ("analyticstracking.php")?> to just after <body> tag.
    4. That’s it.
      Note) The change is reflected within several hours or days.

I bought this!! (^^;)

Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC
Buffalo Classic USB Gamepad for PC
   I bought this!! What is this? See the right advertisement. \(^o^)/.
   Last week, my very old gamepad was broken. I couldn’t find such old models at stores near my house, so I was googling on the Internet and found it out. Its vender is Buffalo but it looks remarkably like the SNES/Super Famicom gamepad by Nintendo.
   I ordered it at around 9pm on last Saturday and had it 3pm on last Sunday. is quick about their work and the delivery service company was Kuroneko at this time.
   The gamepad works well. I give two thumbs-up to it, he-he.

Yamada Akihiro’s Twelve Kingdoms Calendar 2015.

Go ha-ha.
Go ha-ha.
   Hey guys! There are less than two months left this year. It’s getting colder in my town.
   By the way, Shinchōsha released Yamada Akihiro’s Twelve Kingdoms Calendar 2015, which is available at stores in Japan only but you can buy it from despite your address. I don’t care that you buy it or not (^o^). So, jump to the page from the right image. It’s not very expensive, ¥1,950. I think it is a kind of book, so its shipping rates is less than ¥1,000 or so.
   The calendar is made of seven sheets.

  • Cover : A new illustlation
  • Jan & Feb : A new illustlation
  • Mar & Apr : From “Kasho no Yume (華胥の幽夢)”
  • May & Jun : From “Hisho no Tori (丕緒の鳥)”
  • Jul & Aug : From “Tonan no Tsubasa (図南の翼)”
  • Sep & Oct : From “Tasogare no Kishi Akatsuki no Sora (黄昏の岸暁の天)”
  • Nov & Dec : From “Twelve Kingdoms day’s gift”

Remote Desktop Service

   I think someone has the same trouble. After the black Tuesday of October, I cannot use Remote Desktop to my server whose OS is Windows7 Home Premium (x86). Actually, I had not thought it was the black Tuesday before I found this fact (-_-;). Remote Desktop to Windows7 Home Premium, you can understand what I say, can’t you? I found this and this ( くりくりさん gave me the site might have some malicious links by his comment on the Japanese post. So I removed the link tag. I think it’s probably O.K. unless you make clicks on the linked site when you visit. But Prevention is better than cure. So, if you want the information, go to the site AT YOUR OWN RISK.) and tried their suggestion for enabling the feature again. But failed, and gave up. Oops!

   Honestly, it is very inconvenient that I cannot use Remote Desktop to the server. So I decided to use Chrome Remote Desktop instead. I don’t like another software installation that is not needed for the server itself, but I have no choice at this time (Sigh).

Late autumn makes my heart quiet and lonely.

Moon and clouds.
Moon and clouds
   Today is November 1st. Just two months remain in this year. I was thinking about such things and re-read my blog posts, then I found the right picture. It reminded me of the following poet by 王維 (Chinese : Wáng Wéi, Japanese : Ōi). The title is 竹里館, 竹里館 literally means bamboo village mansion.

  • Rough translation of the poem
    Sitting alone in the thick bamboo-grove
    Playing a koto and reciting a poem with a resonant voice
    Nobody knows me that hiding in the deep grove
    Only Moon visiting and lighting me

明 深 弾 獨
月 林 琴 坐
來 人 復 幽
相 不 長 篁
照 知 嘯 裏

   If you read the poem, read top to bottom and right to left.