Updating to PHP5.6.7.

Update information      Edit(Apr.14)

   They released PHP5.6.7 Windows version on Mar-19 23:50:34UTC. It fixes several bugs as well as CVE-2015-0231 (bug #68976), CVE-2015-2305 (bug #69248) and CVE-2015-2331 (bug #69253). The previous version (PHP5.6.5) has a bug fix for CVE-2015-0231, so this bug fix is second time. I wonder if some unfixed issues still remain for this vulnerability. Anyway I updated my PHP from 5.6.6 to 5.6.7 on my Web server (Windows7HP+SP1(x86)).

   By the way, the new version includes some fixes for OPcache. But I have no new report on the page Bug #67937. So, nothing might change about it, but I enabled OPcache on my server again (Mar-29@6:55JST). What results will I have? I feel nervous about it.

   If you need more information for the configuration, see the post “Migrating from PHP 5.5.16 to PHP 5.6.0 on Windows”.

   The OPcache on my Windows server has worked well for more than two weeks. I don’t know why. But I am happy!!

桃の節句 (peach festival) passing.

   The ume (梅) blossoms are still in full bloom in my garden (fig.1 white, fig.2 red), but I can see peach and apricot blossoms here and there in my town after 桃の節句 (peach festival) (fig.3 ひな飾り by Tirol-Choco, it’s a chocolate box (^o^). ).

fig.1 white
fig.1 white
fig.2 red
fig.2 red
fig.3 ひな飾り
fig.3 ひな飾り

   All told, I wanted to recite one of spring poems and chose 春風 (Spring wind) by 白居易(樂天). How do you feel?

亦 薺 櫻 一
道 花 杏 枝
春 楡 桃 先
風 莢 梨 發
爲 深 次 苑
我 村 第 中
來 裏 開 梅

  • Rough translation of the poem
    Spring wind makes one of the buds on a branch of Ume tree break in the imperial garden
    Cherry, apricot, peach and pear following
    It opens shepherd’s purse flowers and rustles shells of elm fruits in my village nearby mountains
    It makes me happy because I also have the spring wind

   If you read the poem, read top to bottom and right to left.

Smoke signals.

   I got an e-mail from Delonix on March 1st. Its subject is ‘Smoke signals’, he-he. He wrote "every time I try to go to your blog it shows this message: Forbidden You don’t have permission to access / on this server. Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.". This is 403 Forbidden default message.

   I asked him to create a topic on o6asan’s BBS. And then I checked up my access-denied.conf file. I control the accesses by the conf file. Of course you can do it by .htaccess files and I think it is more common method. Anyway I found his current IP address and removed it. Now he can access my site.

403 Forbidden   Delonix and I sometimes exchange e-mails, so we know our email addresses each other. But for not close visitors I think I need to customize 403 Forbidden message. So I made a 403.html file. You see its text on the right image.

   For 403 ErrorDocument I need to add the following lines, shown in bold, to the access-denied.conf file and to reboot my Apache httpd.
<Directory “G:/WEB”>   <<— G:/WEB is my document root.
Require all granted
Require not ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx
Require not ip yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy/yy
<Files “403.html”>
Require all granted


   That’s it!!