All of them are Tsutsuji (ツツジ).

   Now we have an armful of Spring in my town ha-ha. I took pictures of the flowers all of which are Tsutsuji (ツツジ) and some of them are already dead, but please laugh and forgive them for me (~_^). I saw them around my neighborhood. I’ll show you them though my photo skill isn’t so good. How about them?

  • CIMG4860
  • CIMG4861
  • CIMG4862
  • CIMG4863
  • CIMG4864
  • CIMG4865
  • CIMG4866
  • CIMG4867
  • CIMG4868
  • CIMG4869
  • CIMG4870
  • CIMG4871
  • CIMG4873
  • CIMG4874
  • CIMG4879
  • CIMG4880
  • CIMG4882
  • CIMG4883
  • CIMG4884
  • CIMG4885
  • CIMG4886
  • CIMG4887
  • CIMG4888
  • CIMG4889
  • CIMG4890
  • CIMG4891
  • CIMG4892

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