WordPress4.3 has come.

   Obon was over. This year, we, I mean my mother’s side of the family, had a party on Aug. 15 again. At the morning, my digital camera EX-V7 broke. Grrr, the timing was very bad. So, I gave up to take pictures of the party. The camera gave me the error message 「手ブレ補正ユニットが使用できません」. On the Net, I found this error is very popular one for EX-V7 and the repair charge maybe comes with a big price tag. I had the camera on 2007 Jul. 9, which is 8 years ago. I should get a new one!! Right?
   I ordered DSC-WX220 to Amazon the day before yesterday. A little while ago, 佐川さん delivered it to me, ( ›◡ु‹ ). Continue reading “WordPress4.3 has come.”