Windows10 1511 sneaking into my CF-J10 during last night.

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   Windows10 1511 was sneaking into my CF-J10 during last night because it was a normal Windows Update and I left CF-J10 hibernating instead I made it shutdown and unpluged completely.

   Fortunately, I have no fatal problems. But I have something as below. Continue reading “Windows10 1511 sneaking into my CF-J10 during last night.”

Building h2load on Cygwin.

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   Actually, Cygwin has libev and nghttp2 packages now. So, you can use h2load feature even if you don’t build nghttp2 by yourself. Nevertheless, if you build nghttp2 on Cygwin, you need to build the Jansson and the spdylay before building it because Cygwin doesn’t have their packages. But, according to the current trend, I think you don’t need the spdylay package. (2016.6.18)
   Now, I have two zip files. One is, another is If you download one of them, you can do the test by h2load on your Windows PC. Run cmd.exe and do like this.
> h2load -n100000 -c100 -m10 https://localhost
   If you do this test, you should create your own local server. Because the test might be a cyber attack for the server if you set numbers too high as values of -n -c -m. Be careful.
   I wrote like this before:‘I don’t know why, but it looks like telling Apache without HTTP/2 is faster. Gee!’. This time, I had interesting results. See HTTPS with HTTP/2 and HTTPS without HTTP/2. The test tells that the server supports HTTP/2 is good at dealing with concurrent streams than the server doesn’t support HTTP/2. This is one of HTTP/2 features.

   I’ll write about my hard work to get these files (^_^;).
   [Caution]: The steps blow give the files contained by If you want to have the files for x86 PC, you have to do all steps by setup-x86.exe on a Windows x86 PC. Continue reading “Building h2load on Cygwin.”

Moving my WordPress to HTTPS for supporting HTTP/2-#3.

   Continued from this post. As I finished preparing for supporting HTTP/2, I re-edited my httpd.conf and httpd-ssl.conf.
   On the httpd.conf, I un-commented the next line.
     LoadModule http2_module modules/
   On the httpd-ssl.conf, I added the next line just after <VirtualHost>.
     Protocols h2 http/1.1
   h2 is HTTP/2 with TLS and h2c is HTTP/2 without TLS. I don’t use h2c on the server.
   Reboot Apache to enable Http/2. That’s it. Continue reading “Moving my WordPress to HTTPS for supporting HTTP/2-#3.”