WordPress4.6 has come.

   Actually, I failed once. My Web Browser status bar told ‘done’, but the progressing page showed only two lines. Besides, the update marker didn’t have gone. So I tried again and had ‘Another update is currently in progress’.

   I accessed via FTP but couldn’t find .maintenance file. I looked for a solution on the internet and reached ‘Get rid of Another update is currently in progress’.
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I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone1.

Update information      Edit(Aug.12)

   On August 5, I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone1 manually. ‘manually’ means I used Windows10Upgrade28084.exe. Because I might have a trouble if they are updated automatically when I do some important jobs on the PCs. He-he. Continue reading “I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone1.”

Handmade neck coolers.

Update information      Edit(2017.Aug.10)

   I have to apologize to you for my server trouble. Last night(actually Aug.9 early morning), my ISP had a maintenance. After that, inbound accesses might have had troubles. I hadn’t noticed until 18:00 because outbound accesses had no trouble. Now, my server is fine.
   Tooooooooooooooooooooo muggy!!
   Recently, we always have the highest temperature around 36℃ and the humidity around 70% or higher in my town. So, I made neck coolers from tenugui(手ぬぐい) I had. Ha-ha-ha. It is very useful during I get rid of weeds. These days I especially need to get rid of my garden weeds because Obon is just round the corner. This Sunday, I went and cleaned my graveyard. At that time, the neck cooler was very convenient, too. Grrr! Continue reading “Handmade neck coolers.”