I blundered into a trap.

   Yesterday, I changed one of my router settings and rebooted it. After that, I checked I was able to access my sites from the Internet or not. I couldn’t. Because Dice didn’t work well. I changed DDNS IP address by manual though I wondered why it didn’t work. Then I became to access my sites.

   But I continued to change settings and rebooted again and again. I forgot to check final accessibility from the Internet. Dice didn’t work at the time, either. So you couldn’t access my site until about 9 am.

   Why didn’t Dice work? What trap did I blunder into?
   It was A password.
   When I last changed my eNom password, I forget to tell it to Dice. I’m embarrassed I wants to disappear.

Letsencrypt.sh on Windows-#4.

[2017.OCt.20]    We can use mod_md in ApacheLounge 2.4.x version now, so I changed from dehydrated (former Letsencrypt.sh) to mod_md about certs updating tool. About this, see → “From dehydrate to mod_md, Let’s Encrypt Tool”.
   On October 7, when I tested my site by SSL Server Test, I found ‘OCSP Must Staple Not Supported’ on it. So, I re-checked the old test report and also saw ‘OCSP Must Staple Not Supported’ there. I talked about this with くりくりさん at my Japanese blog comments. We also talked about Extended Validation(EV), CHACHA20, and Certificate Transparency(CT). But, these three are not available for my server now. EV is expensive. CHACHA20 Apache official version already supports but Apache Lounge version 2.4.23, which is my server current version, hasn’t yet. If I want to use, I need to build the supported version by myself. This is difficult for me. CT Apache hasn’t supported yet.
   However, I changed several things about my server TLS environment.
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