I am thinking about orthography.

   For a few days, I am thinking about orthography. Why? Recently, I get into Korean dramas again😅😅😅. I watch them on Viki. I don’t know Korean language. But, I can read Hangul now. I learned naturally while checking Korean drama titles, actor and actress names because Hangul is a phonetic lettering system same as Hiragana. Continue reading “I am thinking about orthography.”

Attacks against WordPress 4.7 or 4.7.1 are still increasing.

   Still increasing. Do updating you WordPress ASAP. I read some articles and also got an email about this from my ISP. So I’m writing this.

   I talked about this with くりくりさん on Twitter. I first mentioned it on February 6. It was because of my finding a 徳丸’s post, “WordPress 4.7.1 の権限昇格脆弱性について検証した”.

   Yesterday, Security Next told us some IP addresses about attackers. I checked up on my log last night. I found an access from one of questionable IP addresses, which was on February 6. It caused 500 error on my server. Maybe because my WordPress was already version 4.7.2 at this point.
   Its user-agent is python-requests/2.11.1 and its destination is /wp-json/wp/v2/posts/.

   WordPress 4.7.2 was released more than a week ago, and WordPress has an auto-update feature enabled by default, along with an easy manual update process. Despite this, this situation. It’s indeed disappointing.