Today’s bird – 35 photos of Black Kite.

   Sometimes, I’ve seen a black kite from the car window while driving. So I always wanted to take its pictures, but I could not do well.
   Yesterday I saw a black kite again. The black kite kept flying overhead even if I parked the car and got off. Fortunately I was able to shoot 35 photos, although electric wires were in the direction. I made them to a slide show. How is it?
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Great Traverse 2 15 min. “英彦山”

Update information      Edit(Mar.28)

   This is the mountain when I say “the mountain”.
   During about three months, BS Premium that is one of NHK channels is bringing the series program “Great traverse 2 15min.” again, at 12:00 to 13:00 on every Monday and Tuesday. About each mountain each story is not long in the original program “Great Traverse 2”. But in the 15 min. each mountain’s story has 15 minutes long. The mountain “英彦山” comes at 93rd you can know by the map. So I am waiting long for its broadcast. Finally, it does. It is 3/28(Tue). I am looking forward to it. I have no recording device now, so I have to make sure not to miss it. Hehehe. Continue reading “Great Traverse 2 15 min. “英彦山””

Today’s bird – 3 photos of Segurosekirei.

   Today I took photos of Segurosekirei. Actually, I wanted to take the photos of this bird again. But I couldn’t find it and I found Segurosekirei at the same place instead.
   My photos are not good as always, but you can see this has a little more dark face than Hakusekirei, can’t you?



I’ve upgraded to Android7 on my SC-02H.


   Yesterday, NTT DoCoMo finally released Android7.0 for SC-02H, SC-02H is an identifier of Galaxy S7 edge as DoCoMo smartphone. This Android is not 7.1.1 but 7.0 which includes security patches until March 1.

   The upgrading itself is very easy and takes about forty minutes. If you do it while your sleeping, you should turn off Display Lock feature during the upgrading because it needs to reboot the system and then App optimization.

I am thinking about orthography.

   For a few days, I am thinking about orthography. Why? Recently, I get into Korean dramas again😅😅😅. I watch them on Viki. I don’t know Korean language. But, I can read Hangul now. I learned naturally while checking Korean drama titles, actor and actress names because Hangul is a phonetic lettering system same as Hiragana. Continue reading “I am thinking about orthography.”

I’ve updated to phpMyAdmin4.6.6.

   I’ve updated to phpMyAdmin4.6.6. After that, the new version gave me “OpenSSL error: error:0607A082:digital envelope routines:EVP_CIPHER_CTX_set_key_length:invalid key length” at HOME when I logged in.
   This is maybe because of this 👉 $cfg[‘Servers’][$i][‘ssl_verify’].

   The page says “Disabling the certificate verification defeats purpose of using SSL. This will make the connection vulnerable to man in the middle attacks.”, but my SQL server and phpMyAdmin don’t accept accesses from outside of NAT router and the user is only me. So, as my temporal workaround, I added the next line to my

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['ssl_verify'] = false;