My Web server supports TLSv1.3 now.

TLSv1.3   Apache 2.4.37 from Apache Lounge supported TLSv1.3, so I enabled TLSv1.3 on my Web server which runs on Windows7 HP SP1 32-bit. I only changed from SSLProtocol -all +TLSv1.2 to SSLProtocol -all +TLSv1.2 +TLSv1.3. I did nothing about SSLCipherSuite Directive because the SSL_CTX_set_cipher_list page says ‘An empty list is permissible’.
The default value for the this setting is: “TLS_AES_256_GCM_SHA384:TLS_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256:TLS_AES_128_GCM_SHA256”

   Here is the results before and after of SSL Labs Server Test.

phpMyAdmin uses Twig by default from the version 4.8.0.

   I updated phpMyAdmin from 4.7.9 to 4.8.0 the day before yesterday. Although they wrote that ‘it is possible to install phpMyAdmin from our own Composer repository.’ on the official download page, I still uses the manually installation in my own way. After updating, I was surprised with a folder named tmp in my phpMyAdmin root directory. But it’s not a malicious but a proper one by phpMyAdmin.
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Hey MSE, why did you make me panic? It told Apache files are Trojan:Win32/Critet.BS.

Update (Mar.22):

   Today, I’ve updated Apache from 2.4.32 to 2.4.33. Now, MSE says all files are clean. What was that alert? Really compromised or not? Anyway, I backed the MSE settings to the default.

   This morning Microsoft Security Essentials suddenly told Apache files are Trojan:Win32/Critet.BS and quarantined them, so Apache stopped on my server PC whose OS is Windows7 HE SP1. Although I needed to recover the service immediately, I had to take my mother to a hospital. Therefore the service must have been unavailable for about an hour.
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A batch file of VLC for hardcoding subtitles to each mp4 on Windows.

   Recently, I needed to merge some mp4 files and srt files. If you only need to merge, it is very easy way you have. That is to use MP4Box. But I needed a hardcord subtitle version this time. I think MP4Box cannot give this type. Am I right? Anyway I couldn’t create a mp4 file with a hardcord subtitle by MP4Box, so I was searching for information and found this out on YouTube. It’s very nice. But, this time I had mp4 files more than twenty and have to set this about each mp4 file if I use VLC GUI. It’s very inconvenient. So I wrote a batch file as below.
   For VLC batch file transcode information, see Transcode – VideoLAN Wiki.
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From dehydrate to mod_md, Let’s Encrypt Tool.

Update information      Edit(Nov.16)  Edit2(Nov.30)

   Early this morning, I changed Let’s Encrypt Tool from dehydrated to mod_md. On August 17, Steffen announced “mod_md is available for 2.4.27 VC15”. I did nothing about it though I became curious, because I was busy and I already used ‘dehydrated’. But the day before yesterday, I found “ACME Support in Apache HTTP Server Project”. So I decided to use ‘mod_md’ yesterday.
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MariaDB with Secure Connections.

   These days, I was working hard about using MariaDB with Secure Connections. First, I did SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'have_ssl'; and got this:

| Variable_name | Value    |
| have_ssl      | DISABLED |

   DISABLED means that the server was compiled with TLS support, but was not started with TLS support. So I can use MariaDB with Secure Connections on my server. Continue reading “MariaDB with Secure Connections.”

A very beginner for Visual C++ with CMake.

   Yesterday, I installed Visual Studio Community 2017 for learning Visual C++ with CMake. Why did I decide to learn Visual C++? Because I want to compile Apache Dev version for Microsoft Windows. The page says httpd can be built on Windows using a cmake-based build system. Besides, Visual C++ Team says they can support CMake in Visual Studio 2017 easily and CMake Team does CMake version 3.7 or higher are compatible with Visual Studio 2017. The time is very good. I decided to learn Visual C++ with CMake. Continue reading “A very beginner for Visual C++ with CMake.”

I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone2.

Update information      Edit(Jun.13)

   On May 10, I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone2 manually. ‘manually’ means I accessed Download Windows 10.
   You think my NJ2100 did not work anymore.
   Yes, it was into that status once. I wrote about it. But the laptop came back to me after I did not give no energy to it for a long long time. If I had cleared the CMOS, I would have been able to use NJ2100 earlier than in reality. Actually, I wasn’t able to reach the on-board battery. Anyway, the NJ2100 works well now.

   After updating I had the same troubles with them when I updated to Redstone1, but they are still alive. This is very good for me.

   Today, I’ve found Cortana back after Windows Update. Besides, Start Menu is disabled if I kill Cortana, and Colrtana is back if I fix Start Menu malfunction. Umm. I give up against fighting for Cortana at this point.

Doing CHACHA and Brotli with Apache 2.4 on Windows.

Update information      Edit(May 2)

   Last October, I wrote “CHACHA20 Apache official version already supports but Apache Lounge version 2.4.23, which is my server current version, hasn’t yet“. On April 19, Steffen announced Apache 2.4.26-Dev available with Openssl 1.1.0e VC14. So, we can use CHACHA20_POLY1305 in the Windows version Apache now. For enabling the cipher you need to add CHACHA20-POLY1305 things to the SSLCipherSuite of the httpd-ssl.conf and reboot the Apache. Continue reading “Doing CHACHA and Brotli with Apache 2.4 on Windows.”