A redux folder.

   This morning, I was surprised with a redux folder whose time stamp is Nov.13 @15:05:11. I found it in WordPress wp-content\uploads folder. Why does the folder exist? Why???
   I checked files up on my site and I realized it was not a suspicious folder but given by the plugin AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.
   I felt relieved. Hey, o6asan, you always need to read the ChangeLogs!!

How to connect to MariaDB secure server from phpMyAdmin and WordPress.

   After “MariaDB with Secure Connections.”, my SQL server has Secure Connections. Now I have to add some options to phpMyAdmin and WordPress settings.
   Their versions are MariaDB 10.2.9 win 32-bit, phpMyAdmin 4.7.4 and WordPress 4.8.2 on Windows 7 32-bit HE SP1.
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Jetpack gives a good thing but it is too much for me.

   I found a link that is something like “hxxps://i2.wp.com/test.o6asan.com/img/xxxxx.jpg?ssl=1” on the WordPress access log. I went to the page for checking the link. Yes, it was there. But, I couldn’t find such a link from the editor on my WordPress Dashboard. I could see the link “hxxps://test.o6asan.com/lmg/xxxxx.jpg”, though. Continue reading “Jetpack gives a good thing but it is too much for me.”

Attacks against WordPress 4.7 or 4.7.1 are still increasing.

   Still increasing. Do updating you WordPress ASAP. I read some articles and also got an email about this from my ISP. So I’m writing this.

   I talked about this with くりくりさん on Twitter. I first mentioned it on February 6. It was because of my finding a 徳丸’s post, “WordPress 4.7.1 の権限昇格脆弱性について検証した”.

   Yesterday, Security Next told us some IP addresses about attackers. I checked up on my log last night. I found an access from one of questionable IP addresses, which was on February 6. It caused 500 error on my server. Maybe because my WordPress was already version 4.7.2 at this point.
   Its user-agent is python-requests/2.11.1 and its destination is /wp-json/wp/v2/posts/.

   WordPress 4.7.2 was released more than a week ago, and WordPress has an auto-update feature enabled by default, along with an easy manual update process. Despite this, this situation. It’s indeed disappointing.

WordPress4.6 has come.

   Actually, I failed once. My Web Browser status bar told ‘done’, but the progressing page showed only two lines. Besides, the update marker didn’t have gone. So I tried again and had ‘Another update is currently in progress’.

   I accessed via FTP but couldn’t find .maintenance file. I looked for a solution on the internet and reached ‘Get rid of Another update is currently in progress’.
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About ‘Embed Everything’ of WordPress 4.4.

   WordPress4.4 has new features called ‘Embed Everything‘. Actually it means that WordPress becomes an oEmbed provider, Wow! So we can embed our posts on other WordPress sites now. Of course, this is possible between your own WordPress sites. Only thing you need is drag & drop or paste URL on edit area of the post. Like this. Continue reading “About ‘Embed Everything’ of WordPress 4.4.”

Moving my WordPress to HTTPS for supporting HTTP/2-#2.

   Continued from this post. As I use Sub-directory type of WordPress multisite network, the steps of moving entire WordPress sites to HTTPS might be slightly different from single type cases.
   I used this opportunity to change some other things. Continue reading “Moving my WordPress to HTTPS for supporting HTTP/2-#2.”

WordPress4.3 has come.

   Obon was over. This year, we, I mean my mother’s side of the family, had a party on Aug. 15 again. At the morning, my digital camera EX-V7 broke. Grrr, the timing was very bad. So, I gave up to take pictures of the party. The camera gave me the error message 「手ブレ補正ユニットが使用できません」. On the Net, I found this error is very popular one for EX-V7 and the repair charge maybe comes with a big price tag. I had the camera on 2007 Jul. 9, which is 8 years ago. I should get a new one!! Right?
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