The letter.

I got the letter from my ex spouse yesterday.
It was a too much unexpected letter.
After we were divorced, about 20 year passes. I have never a chance to meet him, and think never wanting to meet him. But the letter tells me that I still hate him and I never forgive him. Until I get this letter, I don’t know about my subconscious hostility.

A human creature is a living thing which cannot be understood.


fall has come this week. we had very very hot summer at our town. and it was still remaining in the middle of october, I guess. but suddenly we were getting cool. no, it is a little bit cold than cool.

in japan, many high schools have uniforms for students. traditionally, they order students to change from summer wear to winter wear on the first day of october. and changing from winter one to summer one is on the first day of june. we call it ‘koromogae’.

nowadays we use air-conditioner, we can control temperature in the room. so the time of ‘koromogae’ is not made clear. when i was a child, this custom remained strong.

the four seasons in Japan were very clear. our ancestors were agricultural people. they did various agricultural work together. they did many other practice all together, too. i think this made the basis of a japanese character. in those days, even clothes we did change together.

PHP-Text Counter

i made a PHP-Text Counter for i-mode. when we access the net by mobile phones, the host name/ip address is frequently changed. so i use ‘USER_AGENT’ and ‘TIME’ elements for preventing double-count. like this.



 $filename = “./counter.dat”; // datのパス

 $UA = htmlspecialchars($_SERVER[‘HTTP_USER_AGENT’]);//ユーザーエージェントの取得
 if (strncmp($UA, “Mozil”, 5) <>0 && strncmp($UA, “Opera”, 5) <>0 && strncmp($UA, “Lynx/”, 5) <>0 && strncmp($UA, “HotJa”, 5) <>0) {
 $HIJI = date(“U”);//アクセス年月日時刻の取得
 $file = fopen($filename,”r+”);
 flock($file, 2);
 $count = fgets($file,256);//直前のカウント数の取得
 $lastUA = fgets($file,256);//直前のユーザーエージェントの取得
 $lastHIJI = fgets($file,256);//直前のアクセス年月日時刻の取得
 $count = chop($count);
 $lastUA = chop($lastUA);
 $lastHIJI = chop($lastHIJI);
 $dffrHiJI = $HIJI – $lastHIJI;
 if($lastUA != $UA)                        //ユーザーエージェントが直前のものと異なる場合カウントアップ
 {$count = $count + 1;
 $lastUA = $UA;
 $lastHIJI = $HIJI;
 } elseif($dffrHiJI > 1200)               //ユーザーエージェントが直前のものと同じでも20分以上経っている場合はカウントアップ
 {$count = $count + 1;
 $lastHIJI = $HIJI;}
 fwrite($file, $count);
 fwrite($file, “\n”);
 fwrite($file, $lastUA);
 fwrite($file, “\n”);
 fwrite($file, $lastHIJI);
 flock($file, 3);

a trip to australia.#7

when i got up in the morning, the train was passing into the area of Blue Mountains. the scenery from the window had completely changed: mountains, valleys, streams like japan. but they all are so huge, which are very different from sceneries in japan.

the last breakfast on the indian pacific started around 8:00a.m. this time, we, my companion and i, were alone.
we arrived at the sydney central a little earlier than the scheduled time(10:15a.m.).

at the platform, bill came all the way to say good-bye. where were sylvia and others? we couldn’t see them at all.

i got some information of the hotel at the IC in the station. it takes about 5 minutes on foot. so we went to the hotel and asked to keep our luggages until the check-in time.

after that, we returned to the station again to obtain the free map and went to see the downtown area. i found the sushi-shop and bought makizushi. we had lunch on the bench at the hyde park. finishing lunch, we went to window shopping at downtown.

we were back to the hotel just before 2:00p.m. and asked if we were able to check-in or not. they answered ‘no problem’ to us. so we checked in.

after 3:00p.m., i decided to go to a movie. because my companion said that she was very tired and sleepy. i saw ‘die hard 4.0’. John McClane completely became one of an american comic hero through this series. the movie made us laugh by its incredible lucky-going.

after getting two pieces of pizza, i was back to the hotel just before 7:00p.m. my companion felt refreshed. i was in sydney and my cell phone were working, so i checked my e-mails. one of my acquaintance had sent the mail. it arrived yesterday afternoon. i sent the reply to her. she might not think my mail sent from australia.

blue_m1.jpg blue_m2.jpg

hyde_park1.jpg school.jpg

chess.jpg sydney_central.jpg

hyde_park2.jpg town_hall.jpg

a trip to australia.#6

around 6:30a.m. a cabin attendant got us two-breakfast box. the train recovered the delay for last night and we arrived at adelaide nearly on time.

we got off the train and joined the adelaide optional tour by bus. we had a lot of good views. but i suffered carsickness and my companion dozed off during the latter half of tour. great grief!

when we returned to the station and i bought souvenirs, una talked to my companion. she said her family took the rest instead of joining neither the bus tour nor the sightseeing on foot.

at 10:00a.m., we left from adelaide. staffs and our carrige had changed. after about noon, we could see mountains outside the window for first time in 2 days.

at 1:30p.m. we had lunch. at this time we shared a table with another couple who were from melbourne. they would return to their home by plane from sydney. i saw sylvia alone at a table. where’s bill? we passed through a short tunnel at the first time while this trip. the scenes from a train window changed fairly, after we left from adelaide. i realized that the name of nullarbor plain represent its true nature.

we arrived at broken hill around 4:45p.m.(CST). we went to the city tour. i could understand nothing about the driver’s announcement. this driver’s aussie accent is very thick than adelaide driver’s. for example, when they pronounce 1998, it sounds to us as if naneteen nanety aight. his pronunciation had all this conditioning. i gave up. the train left at 6:30p.m. just on time and i adjusted my watch to est. so, 7:00p.m. at this moment.

all told, our dinner was around 9:00p.m. but we could sit down earlier than we expected because some passengers got off in adelaide. we shared a table with the same couple at lunch again. when we visited Royal Flying Doctor Service at Broken Hill, this wife didn’t come to the bus though returning time. she walked to the other side of the building away to take the photograph. i want to know whether she took a good picture or not, so i asked. but her husband explained about RFDS system because they didn’t understand my talk.

the train shook up and down. we had a bumpy ride during dinner. why?

Adelaide-1.jpg Adelaide-2.jpg

wheat-field.jpg first-mountains-in2days.jpg

RFDS-1.jpg RFDS-2.jpg


a trip to australia.#5

last night, i felt hotter and thirstier than usual, probably because of the upper sleeping berth.

our breakfast started at 8:30a.m.. today’s couple looked older than yesterday’s. i guess 80% of the passengers were elderly couples.
as the married couple at yesterday’s dinner said to show us pictures which they had taken in japan, i was looking for them around the dining car and just said hello.

before we came to our cabin, we promised them to see at the lounge room around 10:00a.m..

at the lounge, we met. but there’s no electric outlet, so we went to their cabin to see pictures. we had a nice time until about 11a.m.. wife’s name is sylvia, hasband’s bill. and their companions are una rauens croft (sylvia’s mother, 85years old), hellen (sylvia’s elder sister).

una, sylvia’s mother, was a very energetic person. she showed us pictures which she had took by herself in japan where she had visited with sylvia and bill. at that time she was 83 years old.

btw, train delayed. it would arrive at cook at 2:00p.m. so, we had lunch before we reached cook.

arriving at Cook. stopover of 20 minutes. i bought three picture postcards.(3A$) and we got on the train again.

after that, i was sleeping until dinner because of being very tired. when i slept, cabin attendant woke me and told me about carry-on luggages during stopping in adelaide.

dinner started at 7:30a.m.. we took about one hour for it. when we finished, i adjusted my watch to cst. so it’s already 10:00p.m.. bill and sylvia said to leave early and go to bed.

before we came to our cabin, we took a picture with carly who was one of dining car staffs. she would change off at adelaide.

for off-train in adelaide, we packed our stuffs to two luggages and fastened a blue tag to each.

cook_1.jpg cook_2.jpg