Yowamushi Pedal(弱虫ペダル)

弱虫ペダル   Yowamushi Pedal as an anime started at 2013 October in Japan. The 14th is already released this week. Basically I don’t like sports animes. But this is fun and I feel uplifted when I become depressed.

   The name of starring role is Onoda Sakamichi(小野田坂道). His given name is Sakamichi(坂道). 坂 is “slope” and 道 is “road/way”. When you watch the anime, you will think his name is toooo suitable for him (^o^).

   If you have an interest in the anime, you can watch it on crunchyroll.

The Eccentric Family(有頂天家族)

   Today, I found Ep.1 of this anime on Gyao. Though Gyao has only Ep.1 as a free content, I can watch it on my TV, the station is BS11. If you have an interest in this anime, you can watch it on crunchyroll.

   I liked EP.1, so I will keep watching.

   The original novel (有頂天家族) is written by Morimi Tomihiko (森見登美彦).


Polar Bear’s Café(しろくまカフェ)

Polar Bear’s Café   Recently I’m totally hooked on this (^o^). It’s an Anime. If you live in Japan, you can watch it on some TV stations or Gyao. If you are in USA, Canada, UK & Ireland, AUS & NZ, South Africa, Netherlands, Scandinavia, you can see it at crunchyroll. If you are in other areas of the Earth, I’m sorry I don’t know how you can see it.

   It’s a very relaxing, lighthearted and funny comedy. After watching this, I renew myself in spirit (^o^). When you are depressed about all small things of your everyday life, please see it (^_~;). Of course, you like it or not, it depends on you.

   And I recommend this for people just starting to learn Japanese. This series contains a lot of puns, so it might be difficult for beginners. But except this, it’s very easy to understand. Let’s try it!!