The translation of “Hyōhaku (漂舶)”, Third Edition.

   I released the translation of “Hyōhaku (漂舶)”, Third Edition. This time, Delonix helped me so much again. We worked together from December 1 to January 27 about the third edition.

   From January 27 to today, I added a lot of explanations to the notes and removed all kanji characters from the Third Edition of Hyōhaku translation. I am very glad if the explanations on the notes will help you.

   I really appreciate Delonix’s help. We completed our mission. If the result makes you happy, which will make us happy. (^^)

   In addition, Delonix has a site on Flickr, and you can see beautiful flowers on it.

I’ve re-translated “Hyōhaku (漂舶)”.

   I’ve finished the re-translation of “Hyōhaku (漂舶)”, so, I’ve released my second edition. I added some phrases forgotten to translate, again (^^;). I wonder you can find any improvements of my English about this edition.

   At the first edition of the story, I had very troubles with Rokuta(六太)’s way of speaking. He is an ordinary bad brat, so his language is bad. For a non-native English speaker, to translate dialect or bad language is more difficult than to translate standard language. At this time, I had troubles again. Sigh.

   In my re-translation, I use Prolonged Sound Mark for a long vowel when I romanize some nouns. For example, ō, ū.