I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone2.

Update information      Edit(Jun.13)

   On May 10, I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone2 manually. ‘manually’ means I accessed Download Windows 10.
   You think my NJ2100 did not work anymore.
   Yes, it was into that status once. I wrote about it. But the laptop came back to me after I did not give no energy to it for a long long time. If I had cleared the CMOS, I would have been able to use NJ2100 earlier than in reality. Actually, I wasn’t able to reach the on-board battery. Anyway, the NJ2100 works well now.

   After updating I had the same troubles with them when I updated to Redstone1, but they are still alive. This is very good for me.

   Today, I’ve found Cortana back after Windows Update. Besides, Start Menu is disabled if I kill Cortana, and Colrtana is back if I fix Start Menu malfunction. Umm. I give up against fighting for Cortana at this point.

I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone1.

Update information      Edit(Aug.12)

   On August 5, I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone1 manually. ‘manually’ means I used Windows10Upgrade28084.exe. Because I might have a trouble if they are updated automatically when I do some important jobs on the PCs. He-he. Continue reading “I updated CF-J10 and NJ2100 to Redstone1.”

Windows10 1511 sneaking into my CF-J10 during last night.

Update information      Edit(Nov.28)  Edit2(2016.Aug.10)

   Windows10 1511 was sneaking into my CF-J10 during last night because it was a normal Windows Update and I left CF-J10 hibernating instead I made it shutdown and unpluged completely.

   Fortunately, I have no fatal problems. But I have something as below. Continue reading “Windows10 1511 sneaking into my CF-J10 during last night.”

Some customization about Windows10.

Update information      Edit(Nov.27)  Edit2(2016.Aug.10)  Edit3(2017.Jun.13)

   After installing Windows10, SearchUI.exe accesses the Internet frequently. I find it annoying and don’t need it. I found SearchUI.exe in the folder %windir%\SystemApps\Microsoft.Windows.Cortana_cw5n1h2txyewy. For killing SearchUI.exe, I wanted to change the folder name. So I did the following steps. Continue reading “Some customization about Windows10.”

Upgrading from Win8.1 Pro to Win10 Pro.

Update information      Edit(Aug.6)

   Today, I upgraded my NJ2100 OS from Windows8.1 Pro(x86) to Windows10 Pro(x86).

   I used the media creation tool. This time, I selected the option ‘Upgrade this PC now’ and ‘Keep Windows settings, personal files, and apps’. The PC had just 13.2 GB as free spaces on its C drive. But it brought no problems at the upgrade. Continue reading “Upgrading from Win8.1 Pro to Win10 Pro.”