Updating to Apache 2.4.4.

   Apache HTTP Server 2.4.4 which is for fixing CVE-2012-3499 and CVE-2012-4558 was released.

   I downloaded httpd-2.4.4-win32-VC9.zip (23 Feb) from the ApacheLounge for My WindowsXP server. The httpd.conf has changes in the next two places.

       # Options FileInfo AuthConfig Limit  —>>  # AllowOverride FileInfo AuthConfig Limit
  2. About DNT(Do Not Track), all of them are commented out.
       # uncomment out the below to deal with user agents that deliberately
       # violate open standards by misusing DNT (DNT *must* be a specific
       # end-user choice)
       #BrowserMatch “MSIE 10.0;” bad_DNT

       #RequestHeader unset DNT env=bad_DNT

KENJI, 80 years after his death-#2.

Update information      Edit(Feb.28)

   I watched the second of this program. I cannot find the translations about them except “The Nighthawk’s Star (よだかの星)”.

   Today, they brought 5 films based on his novels. My favorite of the films is “Moonlight utility poles (月夜のでんしんばしら)”.

   I found the synopsis page of “The Bears of Mt. Nametoko (なめとこ山の熊)”.

Ume(梅) and mejiro(メジロ).

   Today, Adobe has released another version for resolving a permissions issue, Flash Player 11.6.602.171, and, the mailing list for Apache-Users has told me Apache HTTP Server 2.4.4 which is for fixing CVE-2012-3499 and CVE-2012-4558. So, I’m busy with them (^o^).

   By the way, these days, the ume(梅) are blooming beautifully in my garden, and, some mejiro visit it almost everyday. I tried to take a picture several times, but I cannot have them which satisfy me. I’ve stopped asking too much and am writing the post now (^^;).

   We have an idiom “ume(梅) ni uguisu(鶯)”, which we use as a positive meaning of “hand and glove”. But I’ve never seen uguisu(鶯) at the peak bloom period for ume blossoms. Though I know a card called “ume(梅) ni uguisu(鶯)” exists in Hanafuda, the bird on the card looks more like a mejiro than a uguisu. Actually, the uguisu mainly eats insects, so they maybe have no interest in ume blossoms, which bloom in early spring and don’t have a lot of insects, I guess.

   You can see the image of uguisu on Wikipedia and can get its subdued color. As its song is beautiful, our ancestors might have expected them have like mejiro’s color. Then, the misunderstanding expression was maybe created. The same way as 仏法僧.

   Now, I show you my mejiro photos. Sorry, the captions still remain in Japanese because I pasted its source from my Japanese blog.


Updating to PHP5.4.12.

Update information      Edit(Mar.1)    Edit2(Aug.3)

   At Feb-20 19:06:24UTC, they released PHP5.4.12. So, I downloaded a Thread Safe version php-5.4.12-Win32-VC9-x86.zip, because I use Apache2.4 for my web server on Windows OS.

   As php5apache2_4.dll included in the official PHP binary 5.4.10+, I extracted the zip archive and replaced all PHP5.4.11 files with all PHP5.4.12 files except my php.ini. Then, I restarted my Apache. That’s it.

   By the way, they announced “PHP 5.4 series will be the last versions to support Windows XP and Windows 2003. We will not provide binary packages for these Windows versions anymore after PHP 5.4.” when they released PHP5.4.0 and PHP5.5 goes to Alpha5 now. It may be time before too long to meet PHP5.5 GA. I need to prepare for it (sigh).

   If you need how to configure PHP5.4, please see the post on my Japanese blog. Of course, it is only in Japanese and for a mbstrings user, but I think the information gives some help for you.

   If you need how to configure PHP5.5, please see “To create a Wamp-like Web Server in Windows7-#2“.

KENJI, 80 years after his death.

Update information      Edit(Feb.27)

   Yesterday, NHK (日本放送協会) brought the program “KENJI, 80 years after his death (80年後のKENJI). I can say that this is an homage to one of famous Japanese authors, Miyazawa Kenji (宮澤賢治). You might have seen the anime Ginga tetsudō no yoru (銀河鉄道の夜), Sero hiki no Gōshu (セロ弾きのゴーシュ), or others, which are based on the novels by him.

   You can read their translations of the original novels on the next web sites. I do appreciate their hard works.

   I have a special place in my heart for KENJI, so, the homages other persons make sometimes bring my heart strange feeling. But, as I wanted to introduce Miyazawa Kenji to you, I wrote the post.

Signal and Signaless 「シグナルとシグナレス」
   This is a kind of a love story. The translation has very unreadable format. But this is the only one English text I found on the Net. Please be patient!!

   #01   #02   #03   #04   #05   #06   #07   #08   #09   #10   #11   #12   #13   #14   #15   #16   #17
   #18   #19   #20   #21   #22   #23   #24   #25   #26   #27   #28   #29   #30   #31   #3332   #3433   #34
<<--- Unfortunately, they has gone. The Restaurant of Many Orders 「注文の多い料理店」
   This is an allegory, but, it is not didactic at all.

Ame ni mo Makezu 「雨ニモマケズ」
   This is a poem, but, he did not write it for others. This was found in his pocketbook after his death. I think it was a grievous cry on his deathbed.

   I forgot to wrote. They also broadcasted three more films about the next stories.
      Wild pear 「やまなし」,Mental sketch modified No.1 「春と修羅 第1集」,Omnipotent Diamond 「十力の金剛石」

An access control after such a long time.

   Today, I set an access control for my wp-login.php after such a long time. The reason why I want the AWStats everyday report except for the number of unauthorized accesses for the file wp-login.php.

   About this, I’ve not care for a long time. Because, my sever applications are nearly always up-to-date and its user is just me. But recently, I have a lot of unauthorized accesses for the file wp-login.php than before. I think that the number of them increased after I wrote the post “Snow falling on my blog.“. It is too much and so boring.

   I made a file access-denied.conf like the following and put it into my Apache extra-conf directory. The file also includes some IP addresses I want to deny. Now, it works. Great!!

<Files “wp-login.php”>
Require ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx  <<--- my local IP addresses </Files> <Directory "G:/WEB">   <<--- G:/WEB is my document root. <RequireAll> Require all granted   <<--- I forget to write here, so added on Mar.1st. Require not ip xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx/xx Require not ip yyy.yyy.yyy.yyy/yy </RequireAll> </Directory>

Upgrading from MySQL5.5 to 5.6 on Windows.

Update information      Edit(Feb.9)    Edit2(Aug.2)

   Now, MySQL Community Server’s latest version is 5.6.10, and I heard this is the first GA. As I used MySQL5.5 until yesterday, I’ve upgraded to 5.6. I installed the previous version mysql-installer-community-, but this time I decided to use a Zip archive. I didn’t want to change the installation path name of MySQL because for easy configuration. So I took the next procedures. My server OS is still WindowsXP SP3(x86).

  1. Changing our MySQL, we have to back up our current MySQL installation before performing a change. I backed up all my databases by phpMyAdmin. I stored the file my.ini and wrote down the installation path name of MySQL, C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server x.x.
  2. Control Panel >> Administrative tools >> Services
    Select the MySQL Service name and stop
  3. Control Panel >> Add or Remove Programs
    Select the MySQL Server 5.5 and remove

    When you remove it, the application data of MySQL still remains. So, your current databases are maybe all safe. But, if you want more safe, you’d better back up them.
    Upgrading one MySQL Zip archive to another, you can overwrite the existing installation. But, I used the msi to install the previous version, so, I need the uninstaller, if not, a MySQL zombie remains on the list of ‘Add or Remove Programs’.

  4. Download and extract the file mysql-5.6.10-win32.zip
  5. Remake the folder ‘MySQL Server x.x’ in my C:\Program Files\MySQL, then, install the directories and files to the folder. You can install all of extract things. But, I only installed the next 5 directories and 2 files because I do not use others on my server by remote.
    • directories
    • files

    I also installed my old my.ini to the same hierarchy of the new my-default.ini.

  6. As I used the uninstaller, the MySQL Service was also deleted. So I need the new service.

    Run cmd.exe
    cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server x.x\bin
    mysqld.exe –install

  7. Control Panel >> Administrative tools >> Services
    Select the MySQL Service name and start

    If its ‘Startup Type’ is not ‘Automatic’, we have to change it to ‘Automatic’.

    When I made to start it, I had an error. orz.

  8. I checked my event viewer. It gave me “MySQL: unknown variable ‘table_cache=256′”. At MySQL5.6 default I found ‘table_cache′ disabled.

    By the way, why did I set this option? I had no idea. Though I re-learned about ‘ table_cache, max_connections, open_files_limit’, I made no sense of it. Hmm.

    On the new server the default value of max_connections is 151 (<<--- You can know it by the command "show variables like 'max_connections'"). According to Upgrading from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6, between 5.5 and 5.6 have some Configuration Changes. They say ‘The idea behind autosizing’. So I deleted two lines about table_cache and max_connections in my old my.ini.

    Start the service again. Complete!!!

  9. Run cmd.exe
    cd C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server x.x\bin

    I had the error.
    Got error: 1045: Access denied for user ‘root’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) when trying to connect
    FATAL ERROR: Upgrade failed

    So I did again.
    mysql_upgrade.exe –password[=password]

    Complete. But I have the warning next.
    Warning: Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.

    My server configuration doesn’t make the command line data go the Internet. If your server permits your command line input to go outside and other users use the server, you maybe need more attentions.

    I restarted the MySQL service. mysql_upgrade — Check and Upgrade MySQL Tables says the need for it.

  10. After this, I can access my blog. So I thought I made it, but, without reason I checked my event viewer again. Then, I found the warning next.
    TIMESTAMP with implicit DEFAULT value is deprecated. Please use –explicit_defaults_for_timestamp server option (see documentation for more details).

    I think this is very common warning because Upgrading from MySQL 5.5 to 5.6 has the information about this. I added the next line to the [mysqld] area of the my.ini.

    I restarted the MySQL service. The warning has gone.

That’s it. Mission complete. I’m exhausted! (^_~;)

   I had another warning on the log file xxxx.err. Like this.

  • InnoDB: Warning: Using innodb_additional_mem_pool_size is DEPRECATED. This option may be removed in future releases, together with the option innodb_use_sys_malloc and with the InnoDB’s internal memory allocator.

   I found “innodb_use_sys_malloc=on”. What does this warning say exactly?

   I turned “innodb_use_sys_malloc=off” and got the warning next.

  • InnoDB: Warning: Setting innodb_use_sys_malloc to FALSE is DEPRECATED. This option may be removed in future releases, together with the InnoDB’s internal memory allocator.

   As I got it probably said “no need to set the option innodb_additional_mem_pool_size”, I comment-outed innodb_additional_mem_pool_size in the my.ini. By the way, I found out MySQL 5.6 features made much progress gained a good reputation. It is wasted on a tiny blogger like me (^^;).

   I also had ‘IPv6 is not available.’ on the xxxx.err. It’s neither an error nor a warning, though…… I can not deal with it by myself. I wonder my provider is preparing for it.

   I wrote an article about a new installation of a MySQL5.6 on the post ‘To create a Wamp-like Web Server in Windows7-#3.‘.

64th Sapporo Snow Festival.

Update information      Edit(Feb.6)

   Now, I’m in Sapporo (札幌).

   64th Yuki Matsuri (雪まつり) is held from 5th through 11th. My trip is very short and I’ll leave Sapporo tomorrow afternoon. So I took some photos in my free time. Like this.
   I came back home yesterday.

   I show you two useful goods for Snow Festival. Actually, they are not for Snow Festival but for walking on the road covered with snow (^^;). One is a trekking pole, which I had also taken with me when I had visited the shrine for Hatsumōde(初詣). The other is very simple anti-skid devices for my shoes which I got at the family mart in my hotel in Sapporo. A pair of them was only ¥598.

   They helped me very much, so I had no falling down flat on very slippy roads. I added the images of them. Take a look!!

Beer fairy KEI chan
Beer fairy KEI chan
Chibi Maruko-chan
Chibi Maruko-chan
Ise Jingū
Ise Jingū
And at its work
And at its work
CIMG3526 CIMG3527 CIMG3528
National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall
And its lighting-up.
And its lighting-up.
Yōkai Ningen Bem
Yōkai Ningen Bem
Wat Benchamabophit
Wat Benchamabophit
New Kabuki-za
New Kabuki-za
Ōdōri Kōen from Sapporo TV Tower
Ōdōri Kōen from Sapporo TV Tower
Street night view
anti-skid devices
anti-skid devices
attached anti-skid device
attached anti-skid device
trekking pole
trekking pole