I’m re-translating three short stories.

   As you know, a new collection of 4 short stories by Ono sensei will be released on July 1st. Now, I’m re-translating three short stories, Hisho no Tori, Hyōhaku, and Rakushō no Goku, in preparation for it.

   My translation site has few native English speakers. The reason is maybe my translation is terrible. I have my style of writing, when I write in Japanese, but……

   Reading some texts, I feel the biggest pain when I read a terrible text in Japanese. So, other people will have the same pain when they read a terrible text in their native language.

   My re-translation does not promise to improve, but probably better than nothing. Actually, I myself find the parts I cannot understand in the translation of “Hisho no tori”.

   I began to translate it in April 2008. Five years have passed since then, do I have made progress on my English? Anyway, I’ll try to!!